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Hire / Book Folk Bands & Country Bands

You can hire folk bands or hire country bands to supply some toe-tapping, fun spirited music at your event. The folk and country bands to hire are some of the leading musicians in the business with experience entertaining crowds around the world. For more about hiring country or folk bands just get in touch…

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Beckett is a professional and popular five-piece band and have earned a reputation for their musicianship and versatility

Hire / Book Folk & Country Bands

To ensure your event is a triumph you can hire country bands or hire folk bands whose amazing instrumentals and unique vocals will make for exciting entertainment. If you are looking to hire folk bands we have brilliant artists who breathe life into any occasion with their joyful personalities and talent, putting twists on new and old classics with folksy vigour. You can also hire country bands to deliver an unforgettable performance that will get everyone dancing. Whether it’s a western themed party or a festival in need of some folk or country spirit, we have a wide range of excellent bands that will go down a storm.

What is a Folk Band?
Folk music has developed and evolved over time and is typically used to describe a style of music that has been passed on through word of mouth, with ordinary people listening and learning then performing it to new audiences. Folk bands can differ in various cultures as the genre is derived a lot from traditional tunes, the main aspect which defines it as folk is the use of mainly acoustic instruments. Folk music is quite a general term as it can apply to all sorts of music depending on the cultural roots which have influenced it in each country it is played. Often it is also referred to as World Music.

Did You Know? – Many popular folk songs cover the subject of death and tend to have a narrative.

What is a Country Band?
Country music has roots in folk music, birthed in south America particularly in the Appalachian region, it was a blend of folk lyrics and predominately string instruments. First described as Hillbilly music the genre grew to become a respected a popular form of music with radio stations in Texas and Nashville helping to pioneer the movement. Characteristics commonly found in country music are elements of folk, western and blues combined in a ballad form, generally the tracks have simple chords with more emphasis on the lyrical story told.

Did You Know? – Country star Willie Nelson has used the same acoustic guitar since 1969.

What is the Difference between Country and Folk Music?
Often these two different genres can be mixed, this stems from the fact that country music is basically a sub-genre of folk. However, as country music has become so popular it is now more recognised commercially whereas folk music is still focused on the people and community. So, although they belong to the same group of music, country music is typically more contemporary whereas folk music has more of a focus on cultural tradition.

Hire Country Bands on our Books
If you are looking to hire country bands that are talented, exciting and dynamic then we have a fantastic range to choose from. With experience performing at all kinds of event, private and corporate, they are sure to put on a performance that will enchant and thrill your guests, creating a positive and enjoyable environment for all ages. Here are a few of the country bands to hire on our roster:

  • Hire Brockovich Country Band – With extensive experience and unbridled passion, this country band have travelled the UK and Ireland, performing to celebrities and crowds with energy and enthusiasm. They even have the option to include a dance caller if you’re looking to include line dancing for a fully immersive country experience.
  • Hire Country Band The Hoedown Gang – Perfect for Western or Wild West themed events you can hire this country band to get everyone on the dancefloor for some expert accompaniment to a line dancing or the classic country hoedown.

Hire Folk Bands
For some inclusive and tradition entertainment you can hire folk bands to perform at your special occasion. With folk bands from a variety of different backgrounds including Irish folk bands and disciplines we can recommend the perfect one to get your event in full swing; whether you want to hire folk bands for an atmospheric, intimate celebration or draw in the crowds at a big event. Here are a few folk bands to hire on our books:

  • Hire Folk Band Serpentyne – A truly unique and individual folk band, this group perform a fusion of medieval, folk and barn dance tunes that prove to be a hit among guests.
  • Hire Folk Band Bob’s Pigeons – Winner of BBC Radio’s Folk Quest in 2007, this folk band have established themselves as leading musicians in the field as the perform hilarious, witty and engaging songs to audiences across the UK.
  • Hire Folk Band Melody Domain – A fantastically original and magnetic folk band, this trio put brilliant twists on classics and ensure everyone is on their feet and dancing with their infectiously fun rhythms.

Hire Folk Bands or Hire Country Bands
If you would like to hire folk bands or hire country bands to perform at your event we have an exceptional variety to pick from, in London and in the rest of the UK, that will make any event a success. We love to help our clients put on the event of their dreams, and as a top entertainment agency we dedicate our time to making that happen. To hire country bands or folk bands all you have to do is give us a call and our amiable account managers will take care of everything you need.

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