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Hire / Book Face Painters

You can hire face painters to transform your guests into a whole host of characters or creatures. We have a fantastic variety of experienced face painters on our books that are a popular addition to many events such as children’s birthday parties, festivals…

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Hire / Book Face Painters

Brighten up a kid’s day or give your guests a chance to transform and hire face painters for your special occasion! A face painter is always a fantastic addition to an event, as they adorn faces with beautiful designs. Whether you’re looking for a scarily talented face painter to create a spooky design for a Halloween event or want to give your child and friends a colourful party and hire face painters to morph them into various animals or characters, these talented artists can conjure up some inspiration for all types of occasions. If you would like to hire face painters, you can peruse our extensive roster of brilliant artists who are passionate about giving your guests a memorable experience.

About Face Painters…
Face painting is a practice that can be traced back centuries, with evidence that even the Neanderthals may have used it for hunting or as a part of ceremony. It is generally defined as the use of temporary cosmetic paints to decorate faces and has built up a popularity after being used at fairs as entertainment. It also often used in many cultural traditions and events such as day of the dead where many people paint their faces as sugar skulls.

Did You Know? – There is record for the most faces painted within an hour which goes to a man called Gary Cole who managed to paint 217 different faces!

Hire Face Painters from our Books
If you’re looking to hire face painters we can help! We are proud to have an extensive roster of fantastic face painters of all different styles and specialties, you are sure to find the perfect face painter to decorate faces with interesting designs or looks. All of our face painters are experienced professionals who love to help put a smile on faces at every event with their vibrant creations. We have all sorts of face painters to hire, from ultraviolet face painters who can make you glow in the dark to glamorous glitter artists who can incorporate some sparkle into your look. To give you a taste of the wonderful face painters you can hire through us, here are a few examples:

  • Hire face painter Emma – This exceptional face painter worked professionally for big brands and companies, displaying her amazing skills at ultra-realistic and mesmerising face painting that always impresses.
  • Hire face painter Caroline – With a knack for elemental designs, Caroline creates wonderful works of art on her clients faces of everything from blooming flowers to wintry patterns that everyone will be queuing up to get.
  • Hire face painters Candy Queens – This glitter boutique can add that extra sparkle to the occasion as they blend face painting and glitter for striking looks, a perfect choice for festivals or themed events they are bound to impress the crowds.

Hire Face Painters
You can hire face painters for an event to remember, we have an amazing range of expert and experienced face painters to choose from. Face painters are an excellent choice for all types of events from family fun days to festivals to children’s parties, everyone loves the chance to be painted and share the works of art on their social media. As a top entertainment agency we know the popularity of face painting and the benefits of hiring a face painter to delight your guests, whatever their age or desired look. You can hire face painters that will make any event extra special from our roster, all you need to do is get in touch and our amicable account managers will be delighted to help you book a sensational face painter for your occasion.

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