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Hire / Book Origami Artists

Our outstanding origami artists can create intricate designs for souvenirs or as some unique decor for the venue, whether it is a private or corporate event they are sure to be popular with your guests. Contact us to find out more about booking an origami artist…

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Hire / Book Origami Artists

We are a top booking agency that can offer some fantastic origami artists to hire that will be able to create some brilliant origami for your event. The origami artists on our roster can be booked for all kinds of events, whether it’s providing some beautiful décor for your venue or a more tailored and bespoke service for your guests, their origami talents will prove to be a massive hit.

Origins of Origami
A prominent part of Japanese culture, origami started in the 6th century after Buddhist monks introduced paper to their society, because of its high value it was only used decoratively in religious ceremonies. Over time origami has reached more countries which have developed their own styles and practices with the art form, some key points in the history of origami are:

  • First origami book published in 1797, titled Senbazuru Orikata.
  • The first documented evidence of it entering Europe was a picture of a small, folded paper boat in a French Book from 1498.
  • In the 1900’s Akira Yoshizawa pioneered multiple new origami designs, inspiring a resurgence of the art form in modern times.

Origami Artists on our Roster
We have some outstanding origami artists on our books with brilliant experience and technique they can provide origami art that will brighten up any room. Here are some of the talented origami artists on our books:

  • Origami Artist Chris – With a wealth of experience under her belt Chris’ friendly demeanor and colourful designs make her a hit at all kinds of events.
  • Japanese Art – In the business for over 25 years, Japanese Art are true professionals that put on insightful and fun workshops and demonstrations on the art of origami.
  • Origami Artist Steve – His magical origami talents means that Steve can create some fascinating and fresh origami art that is like no other for your special occasion.

Styles of Origami for Events
If you have run out of origami ideas for your oriental themed party, you should consider traditional Japanese paper artists as a wonderful option. Origami is very popular in Japan and you will receive the highest level of origami entertainment if you book our Japanese origami artists. There are many different ways that an origami artist can be booked for your event, including:

  • Origami workshops, for the guests to watch the origami artists work and try their hand at it themselves.
  • Creating origami décor for the venue, adoring the walls, ceilings and tables with amazing origami art.
  • Making origami souvenirs for guests to take home, such as beautiful paper flowers or the traditional bird design.

Booking an Origami Artist
Origami art is also popular entertainment to hire for a variety of origami and corporate functions where they can lend their brilliant skills to add some culture and creativity to your event. As an entertainment booking agency, you can hire an origami artist through Contraband Events – just give us a call and we will be delighted to discuss an origami artist booking with you!

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