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Hire Chocolate Fountains & Chocolate Entertainment

For a delectably delicious event hire chocolate fountains for your guests to indulge in. We have a variety of tempting chocolate fountains that everyone will love. For more about hiring chocolate fountains in London and through out the UK

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The mega delicious Hot Chocolate Machine

Hire Chocolate Fountains & Other Chocolate Entertainment

You can hire chocolate fountains or hire chocolate entertainment of all kinds from our delicious roster. Chocolate entertainment is always a popular addition to an event as guests treat themselves to what is on offer with great enthusiasm. Whether you’re looking to hire chocolate fountains so everyone can get a taste of the heavenly indulgence at their own whim, or you want to hire chocolate entertainment such as bespoke chocolate lollipops or roaming chocolate canape waitresses for a more personalised experience. We have all the chocolate entertainment your heart may desire for a remarkable and tasty event.

What is a Chocolate Fountain?
A chocolate fountain is a electric machine serving chocolate in liquid form. Most commonly it is a stepped, cone shape, standing up to four feet tall with a basin at the bottom. Chocolate fountains melt chocolate and keep it warm enough to remain liquid as it flows through the fountain.

What Chocolate is Used for a Chocolate Fountain?
Normal chocolate can be used but it can be temperamental with regard to fluidity – if the cocoa butter content of the chocolate is too low, an additive (such as vegetable oil) must be mixed in to decrease the viscosity. Adding vegetable oil to a chocolate may give the chocolate a gritty or slimy taste and texture.
You can also use couverture chocolate to ensure consistent flow. Couverture chocolate is commonly used for chocolate fountains as it is high in cocoa butter. But even couverture chocolate—unless it is specifically designed for fountains—often still requires an additive to make it flow smoothly.

How Much Chocolate do you Need for a Chocolate Fountain?
Chocolate fountains have different maximum chocolate capacity but commonly range from 5 to 20 lbs. As general guide – 20 lbs of chocolate will feed between 200 to 250 people. However as Chocolate Fountains can be continuously replenished with chocolate, a chocolate fountain can feed an unlimited number of people.

What Food Can You Serve with a Chocolate Fountain?
Like chocolate fondues, classical fruits such as Pineapple and strawberries, are commonly served with chocolate fountains. Indulgently you can dip cookie & cake bits such as Chocolate Chip and Oreo Cookies. For more unusual dips you can even serve savoury dippers such as pretzel sticks or popcorn.

Other Chocolate Entertainment for Hire
As well as the alluring chocolate fountains we have an exciting roster of other forms of chocolate entertainment to hire for a unique and special event. These include:

  • Hire Chocolate Entertainment the Curious Chocolate Girl – This 1950’s inspired usherette will bring a touch of glamour to the occasion, serving chocolate bon bons either alone or with her three sisters she can captivate the crowds with her charisma and delectable offerings.
  • Hire Chocolate Entertainment Logo Pops – You can choose your own design to be printed on the pop instantly for a completely customised and delicious treat made right in front of your guest’s eyes.
  • Hire Hot Chocolate Machine – This provides a lasting flow of luscious hot chocolate ready to be served to preference, sure to warm up your guests and easy to set up it will be a delight at any occasion.

Hire Chocolate Fountains or Hire Chocolate Entertainment
If you would like to hire chocolate fountains or hire chocolate entertainment, we have a divine range of appetising treats to choose from. As a top entertainment agency, we like to offer a diverse roster of entertainment that will have guests queuing up for more and give them a memorable experience. What better way to please your guests than with some heavenly chocolate! If you are looking to hire chocolate fountains or hire chocolate entertainment then you can just give us a call, our dedicated account managers will provide recommendations and help you hire the perfect chocolate feature for an exceptional event.

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