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Networking Entertainment Ideas & Hire

We offer a range of fun networking entertainment for hire – we can help you plan the perfect Networking event including icebreaker waitresses, magicians, mix & mingle acts…

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Networking Entertainment Hire & Ideas

Looking for some networking entertainment ideas? We can help; we have some excellent networking entertainment to hire to make sure your corporate event is a huge success. It is important at any corporate event that you get people talking and having good time, this reflects well on you and the company. By hiring networking entertainment you are contributing to an exciting and interesting ambience, it is a great step towards creating a lively event that will have people talking about it long afterwards.

We want to help you produce a dynamic networking event with a buzzing atmosphere and some of the top networking entertainment available to hire. To kick start your networking event planning we have wracked our brains for the best networking entertainment ideas and advice …

Our Top Five Innovative Networking Entertainment Acts
There’s nothing better than an act that will amaze your guests, they can provoke some enjoyable discussion and interactions that will really bring a room to life; perfect for a corporate party! Here’s a few of our favourites…

  1. Magician – Ideal for getting people chatting, their clever tricks will leave the audience in intrigue and bewilderment; a great prompt for any conversation.
  2. Wine Tasting – This ice breaker will get people in good spirits and can provoke some friendly debates over flavour and preference.
  3. Living Statues – As well as interesting décor, living statues are great for easing tension from surprising people and making them double take. The curiosity that they can incite will be a brilliant conversation starter.
  4. Casino Night – This is a brilliant, unique way to get the guests investing their time and engaging in conversation, drumming up excitement and friendly competition it will be an absolute hit.
  5. Champagne Dress – A bit of a subtle way to get people interacting, these clever dresses will be a great talking point as people enter and start to mingle.

Be imaginative with it all, these are just some suggestions to start you off; there are lots of fantastic acts to choose from. If you need any more help making a decision just give us a call! Our account managers have some fabulous networking entertainment ideas to make your corporate party a triumph.

Why host a Networking event?

  • New Opportunities – If you are present in people’s minds they will remember you when job openings or business prospects might arise.
  • Fresh Ideas – You can learn from the people you meet and gain new perspectives and angles on your industry which will allow you to be more informed and up to date with any new business practices or developments.
  • Visibility – Gaining more recognition through networking also means more trust, people are more likely to refer to someone they are familiar with – especially if you make a good impression!
  • Sharing is Caring – By forming good relationships and connections there is an exchange of advice and information that can be very beneficial.

Top Tips for a Successful Networking Event

  • The stresses of throwing the perfect networking event can be a lot but we are at hand to lighten the load.  First things first – What is the purpose of your event? Maybe you’re looking to encourage more referrals to your company or are trying to build new connections with similar businesses. Once you know what your aim is then this can inform all your subsequent decisions like the amount of guests or event venue.
  • Next you need to consider the style of the event, for example; formal or informal? Do you want a theme or to keep it simple? Remember you’re trying to get people talking so give them something to talk about! Hire some networking entertainment for some excitement and atmosphere or book a special activity for everyone to partake in. If you’re looking for formality a wine tasting class would be perfect or if you’re after some lively fun you can hire an illusionist to baffle your guests, both these work great as ice breakers. If you want a theme you can incorporate some entertainment for that extra flair.
  • When you have sorted the event particulars then you will need to think about the guests, you want to build up some excitement and hype leading up the event so they will stay interested. For example send out emails and keep them informed of the event by mentioning the venue or the entertainment, if you show some enthusiasm it could catch!
  • Then when everything is done you can relax and look forward to mingling and networking your way to new opportunities.

More Corporate Entertainment Ideas
We have many more fresh corporate entertainment ideas and acts for you to consider to really make your event a rewarding experience for everybody. Our amazing acts will be a great addition to any corporate event; from star studded after dinner speakers and witty walkabout characters to engaging team building activities and insightful fortune tellers. Check out our corporate entertainment ideas and entertainment for hire

Hire Networking Entertainment
Contraband is one of the UK’s top corporate entertainment specialists. With our friendly and enthusiastic account managers we can get some great deals and some brilliant networking entertainment to hire. Contact us today for networking entertainment ideas to make your corporate event the best it can be.

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