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Liquid Nitrogen Frozen Cocktail Bars

An exciting alternative to the generic cocktail bar hire. Whips Liquid Nitrogen Frozen Cocktail Bars have put a fresh spin on the traditional cocktail using the theatre of Liquid Nitrogen. Each cocktail that they produce will be subjected to -196°c blast of nitrogen turning the cocktail from liquid to a silky frozen consistency before your eyes. This is flair, flavours and theatre as you have never before experienced.

Their exquisite frozen cocktail bars and mixologists push the boundaries of technology and flavour and providing the unique experience and theatre that your event has been waiting for. They believe that the highest quality ingredients are essential to produce the best tasting cocktails. They only use the finest fresh pressed juices and home made syrups and premium spirits. Their trained cocktail waiters are extremely experienced and have worked in some of London’s most prestigious cocktail bars, so rest assured “we know how to party!”

They understand that attention to detail, professionalism and THEATRE are vital to a successful event. They have developed their own unique technology, equipment and service style to suit every requirement of our customers. Each service is executed in a slick, smooth and professional manner. They also offer the chance to make the event truly your own with our fully brand-able frozen cocktail carts, bars uniforms, menus, cups, spoons and napkins and of course our bespoke cocktail flavours.

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Using only the highest quality ingredients

Turns from liquid to a silky frozen consistency before your eyes

Have unique cocktails created for you

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