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Hire Victorian Stalls & Victorian Games

You can hire Victorian stalls and hire Victorian Games for some quality traditional entertainment that your guests will love. Our range of Victorian Games and stalls consist of a exciting variety of fun for all the family. Get in touch to learn more about hiring Victorian Stalls and Victorian Games…

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Hire Victorian Stalls & Victorian Games

Whether its for a themed event or an excuse to try out some classic games, if you hire Victorian stalls or Victorian games for your event they are sure to be a hit. Victorian stalls and games include everything from hook a duck to shooting galleries and hoopla, they are perfect for re-creating that traditional fairground atmosphere and giving your guests an immersive experience. If you want to hire Victorian games or hire Victorian stalls we can offer you a brilliant variety of attractive and enjoyable entertainment to make the occasion memorable.

The History of Victorian Stalls and Victorian Games
The inception of Victorian stalls and games came about as an addition to fairs, employing the use of chance, skill or strength in order to win a prize, often the stereotypical cuddly toy. One of the first games to come into fruition was the coconut shy, thought to be inspired by a game called Aunt Sally where players would throw sticks at a model of an old woman’s head. Over time more games such as hoopla, hook a duck, ball-in-basket games, shooting galleries and more were introduced though many had a reputation for being rigged to make more profits. Over the years this has mostly been eradicated and the quality of the games have increased.

Did You Know? – The largest rubber duck in the world was made by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and is 54 x 66ft and weighs about 600 kilograms.

Hire Victorian Games and Victorian Stalls
You can hire Victorian Stalls or Victorian Games we can offer you an excellent mix of engaging and fun activities to occupy your guests. Whether you are looking to create your own exclusive fairground or are hoping to put on a Victorian themed event with the relevant entertainment, our roster of Victorian stalls and games to hire will help make it the perfect function. Suited to people of all ages you could hire Victorian games or stalls for a family party, corporate event or even for a one of a kind street party. Everyone loves to try out these challenging games which are sure to guarantee a party to remember. Here are few of the Victorian games and stalls to book through us:

  • Hire Victorian stall Candy Queens – A vibrant stall with charismatic hosts, this fairground stall offers a range of games from a tin can alley to a coconut shy. With a wonderfully traditional blue and white striped aesthetic it is sure to attract the crowds.
  • Hire Victorian Game The Peepshow – This traditional game is a unique and popular attraction, offering people a chance to peer into the mini theatre for an engaging show. The detailed appearance and charismatic host always make for some memorable entertainment.
  • Hire Victorian Stall The Imaginarium – This colourful and eye-catching stall comes complete with a variety of performers ready to put on a fantastic show. With everything from storytellers to paper theatre this amalgamation of engaging acts always goes down a storm with adults and kids alike.

Hire Victorian Stalls and Hire Victorian Games
If you would like to hire Victorian Stalls or hire Victorian Games, we have a fantastic roster of acts to choose from. All the Victorian stall staff are experts in their field and their service will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. As a top entertainment agency Contraband has a broad range of Victorian stands that offer different types of confectionery and amusements so no matter what you are after, we can give you everything from a unique and different service to a traditional and classic one. Just give us a call if you want to hire Victorian games or stalls, our experience account managers will be delighted to work with you to produce an amazing event!

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