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Live Hangman – Competitive Game | UK

Live Hangman

Live Hangman is a tongue and cheek, life-sized gameshow version of the classic pen and paper game. Poised by an 8 foot gibbet a malevolent game show host invites the audience to choose letters and solve a mystery phrase. Every wrong guess adds another body part to the condemned: a human head with a puppet body. The fate of the hangman is in the audience’s hands.
 Self-contained and cyclical, with a brilliant soundtrack by the award winning Kid Carpet, an audience of one, ten or a hundred can be thrilled by the anticipation, suspense and hilarity of Live Hangman!
Live Hangman s brilliantly adaptable, by choosing specific words you can laugh at company jokes, signpost events or celebrate victories. They are happy to theme the show to your specification where possible. The simplicity of the games lends itself to endless possibilities. It provides great interactive entertainment.
Standard length of performance:
Each games last approx. 15 minutes. They usually run 3-4 games in each session, but can be flexible to fit into the clients programme.  As a cabaret act, they would run single games at several points in the evening.
“We were thrilled to have had Mufti presenting ‘LIVE HANGMAN’ at Festival No.6 this year.  The quirky, interactive and slightly macabre nature of the show fitted right in to our unusual and fantastical location and festival.  It gathered good crowds and the audience feedback was excellent!” 
– Festival No. 6
“Live Hangman came to Bristol Old Vic in October half term 2013 and was a great success. It’s a great piece for any age range and keeps children and adults entertained and involved – and is really, really funny. It’s easy to brand the piece to any time of year or event – we used Halloween words.” 
– Bristol Old Vic
Previous clients include:
Bristol Old Vic
Festival Number 6
Bristol City Council
Bristol Festival of Puppetry
Shambala Festival
MAC Birmingham

Photos of Live Hangman