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As corporate entertainment specialists we have great corporate family fun day ideas and corporate family fun day packages to book.

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Book a Great Corporate Family Fun Day package

Looking to throw an amazing Corporate Family Fun Day? We have some fabulous Family Fun Day ideas including a mobile petting zoo, pavement art workshops and even a bubble performer! There is a wonderful assortment of unique entertainment and performers to pick from to make your corporate family fun day an absolute hit with all the employees.

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We understand the pressures of creating a family fun day that will blow everyone away, the demands of ensuring that it will be a day to remember and will leave your employees feeling appreciated and in good spirits. But no need to worry! We are here to make it all seem a bit less daunting; with some great corporate family fun day ideas and entertainment we can make sure you produce a family fun day to be proud of.

Why do a Corporate Family Fun Day?
You may be wondering what is the benefit of a corporate family fun day is; what exactly are the perks of inviting along the whole family? Well, we have thought of a few reasons why having a corporate family fun day is a great choice for the company …

  • Inclusive – It shows that you care about your employees and value their time and efforts, by doing a fun day for their families it is an acknowledgement of their home lives as well and that you see them as more than just their job.
  • Representation – It reflects well on your company, you are investing time and money to show how you value the employees and they will appreciate that in return.
  • Rewarding – It is a good way to say thanks and an opportunity to recognise the employees’ achievements and hard work.
  • Motivation – It can serve well as something to look forward to which will lift spirits and also afterwards the employees will come back to work feeling refreshed and re-energised.
  • Fund-Raising – It could also serve as an opportunity to raise some money for a charity of you or your employees choosing.

Alongside all of these reasons it is also a great chance to introduce new employees to the company and encourage some interaction between everyone; by having a friendly and amiable workplace it is more likely the employees will be much content and happier workers. Throwing a corporate family fun day is beneficial to everyone; employees can blow off some steam with their loved ones whilst feeling valued and appreciated.

Our Top 3 Fantastic Corporate Family Fun Day Ideas
To help you pick the right corporate family fun day entertainment we have compiled a list of a few unique and enjoyable acts that will be a fabulous hit at the event…

  1. Petting Zoo – Very popular with the kids but also the adults usually cannot resist a cuddle with a lamb or the stroke of an adorable chick, this makes it perfect for a family fun day as the everyone can enjoy themselves in a fun, interactive environment.
  2. Adventure/ Sports – You could treat the employees to a rowing lesson or hire a climbing wall for them and their families to have a try on, as well as having a fun experience they will also leave feeling like they have accomplished something new and different.
  3. Balloon Modellers – Great for all ages; you could hire a balloon modeller to roam around the event and create some fascinating pieces for the guests to marvel at.

This isn’t all! There’s so much more to choose from, and if you’re at a loss just give us a call and we can certainly help you out. With lots of fabulous corporate family fun day ideas we can give you the guidance you need to produce the perfect day for you and your employees.

More Corporate Entertainment Ideas
We have many more fresh corporate entertainment ideas and acts for you to consider to really make your event a fulfilling experience for everybody. Our wonderful acts will be a great addition to any corporate event; from remarkable after dinner speakers and amusing walkabout characters to dynamic team building activities and some unique food and drink stalls. Check out our corporate entertainment ideas and entertainment for hire

Book a Great Corporate Family Fun Day package
Contraband is one of the UK’s top entertainment agencies and corporate entertainment specialists. With our warm and passionate account managers we can get you some fantastic deals and advise you of original and exciting corporate family fun day entertainment to hire. Contact us today for family fun day ideas to make your corporate event the best it can be.