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The Cherry Family

Tree Stilt Walkers

Four seasons are a common part of life. Every season brings a change of the weather and that affects the mood of the whole planet – humans, animals and plants. Now, we will reveal a secret for you. Each of the seasons has its own guardian and they are the members of the Cherry Family. It is thanks to them that every year nature experiences its life cycle. Blooming flowers, the growth of fruit and animals emerging from their winter slumber, so they can rest again later. Meet the Cherry Family with us!

The Cherry Family is group of four Tree Stilt Walkers. The highest tree stilt walker reaches 3 metres high. The The Cherry stilt walkers characterise the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Spring : Blossom Cherry is the youngest member of the family, the teenager with his crown beautifully blossomed.
Summer : Cherry Pit is the Blossom Cherry’s mum with her crown remaining filled with fresh juicy cherries.
Autumn : Twig is the father of Blossom Cherry and the husband of Cherry Pit. Twig’s crown is touched by autumn and he is losing his leaves.
Winter : Leaves Less is the eldest of the Cherry Family, the grandfather. All leaves are lost for Leave Less, but he is still very nice and charming as ever.

The Cherry Family will come to your event with the sounds of nature and a little story, told by a wise wizard who gave them life. Each member of the Cherry Family has their own sound system, bringing any sound of nature to life. There are lot of trees out there but nothing which will compare to this seasonal Cherry Family. These cherry tree stilt walkers not only bring incredible visuals to your event but they are also the perfect way to educate children and have them constantly engaged.

This is such a brand new fun act The Cherry Family they are collecting their testimonials.

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The tallest member stands at 3m high!

A great act for all year round events

Enchanted tree family great for children

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