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Hire / Book Carollers & Choirs

You can hire sensational carollers and choirs from our extensive roster. Whether you’re looking to capture the Christmas spirit or in need of some gravitas our choirs and carollers to hire can deliver a beautiful performance. Get in touch to find out more about hiring carollers or hiring choirs…

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LC Gospel Choir have worked with famous artists including; Mariah Carey, George Micheal, Lionel Ritchie, Amy Winehouse & many more

Hire / Book Carollers & Choirs

If you’re looking for some ambience and musical magic at your event hire caroller or hire choirs for an enchanting performance. We have all kinds of choir and carollers both traditional and contemporary that you can hire to make your event special. Whether you’re after some festive singing at a corporate function or need a choir to add some gravitas and harmony to the proceedings at a promotional event then you can pick from our exciting range. Hire choirs or hire carollers to give your event that extra lift that all your guests will love.

What are Carollers?
A particularly festive act, carollers are a group of people who sing hymns or Christmas songs in a public area such as a town centre or go from door to door to spread a little Christmas joy. Carolling dates all the way back to 1426 where a chaplain writes about the twelve carols of Christmas which were sung by groups of wassailers, the term describing those who go from door to door singing in exchange for gifts.

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