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Hire / Book Carollers & Choirs

You can hire sensational carollers and choirs from our extensive roster. Whether you’re looking to capture the Christmas spirit or in need of some gravitas our choirs and carollers to hire can deliver a beautiful performance. Get in touch to find out more about hiring carollers or hiring choirs…

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LC Gospel Choir have worked with famous artists including; Mariah Carey, George Micheal, Lionel Ritchie, Amy Winehouse & many more

Hire / Book Carollers & Choirs

If you’re looking for some ambience and musical magic at your event hire caroller or hire choirs for an enchanting performance. We have all kinds of choir and carollers both traditional and contemporary that you can hire to make your event special. Whether you’re after some festive singing at a corporate function or need a choir to add some gravitas and harmony to the proceedings at a promotional event then you can pick from our exciting range. Hire choirs or hire carollers to give your event that extra lift that all your guests will love.

What are Carollers?
A particularly festive act, carollers are a group of people who sing hymns or Christmas songs in a public area such as a town centre or go from door to door to spread a little Christmas joy. Carolling dates all the way back to 1426 where a chaplain writes about the twelve carols of Christmas which were sung by groups of wassailers, the term describing those who go from door to door singing in exchange for gifts.

Did You Know? – It is rumoured that carols were started by Bishop Edward White Benson as a way to keep men out of pubs.

What are Choirs?
Choir is the term used to describe a musical ensemble of singers who will generally sing classical or choral music, the latter written especially for choirs. A choir is led by a conductor who helps direct the tempo of a song and help unify the singers. There are many different types of choirs such as children choirs, all female or all male or mixed choirs or Indian music choirs. Other categories include vocal jazz choirs, barbershops choirs or gospel choirs.

Did You Know? – A Swedish psychologist found that choir singing has a positive effect on health with negative emotions decreasing and positive emotions increasing during the act.

Hire Carollers from our Books
If you would like your Christmas even to brimming with festive spirit and cheer, then hire carollers. These upbeat and passionate singers will put smiles on your guests faces with their energy and charisma. Our roster of carollers includes some excellent vocalists who love what they do and know how to get their audience engaged and having fun. If you hire carollers they are the perfect Christmas entertainment, encompassing everything that people enjoy about the season. Here are a few of the carollers you can hire on our books:

  • Hire carollers The Contraband Carollers – This collective are all professional singers who have performed at a range of prestigious venues, they always bring the Christmas joy and put passion into every performance.
  • Hire carollers HB Soul – This exceptional group also perform as a gospel choir with a wealth of experience singing with artists such as Elton John, Gorillaz and Lionel Richie as well performing a bespoke set for Selfridges Christmas on numerous years since 2005. This ensemble is sure to amaze your guests.
  • Hire carollers Chris Dee Singers – This versatile group can range from 4 to 50 for a truly spectacular performance by these talented singers. With an exciting choice of costumes and a diverse repertoire they will put on an impressive show.

Hire Choirs from our Books
You can hire choirs from our roster to ensure your event is a delight for all who attend. The power of a great choir can elevate your event to an atmospheric and glamorous affair, the collection of harmonies and velvet vocals guaranteeing an enchanting performance. A choir is a fantastic addition to any corporate, private or promotional event, always proving to be an eye-catching and appealing form of entertainment. If you are looking to hire choirs for your function here are a few of the exceptional ensembles we have to offer:

  • Hire choir New London Children’s Choir – As one of the leading children’s choir in London, this successful ensemble of gifted singers has wowed audiences on numerous occasions, including the BBC Proms. They are sure to charm any crowd they sing to.
  • Hire choir Capital City Singers – This barbershop choir formed in 1983 and have flourished over the years welcoming over 30 members from around London. With three awards and experience performing at some of the most prestigious venues in the UK, they will blow everyone away with their captivating vocals.
  • Hire choir HV Gospel Choir – This fantastic group is comprised of some of the best voices in the industry, with history performing both on television and live on stage, in places such as Trafalgar Square for the Olympics announcement.

Hire Choirs and Hire Carollers
To make your event a sensation, hire carollers or hire choirs to put on some enchanting entertainment. With their incredible vocals, contagious energy and bewitching harmonies carollers and choirs always stand out in an event, whether it’s encouraging people to embrace Christmas or putting a classical twist on a well-known song. As a leading entertainment booking agency, we have the connections and knowledge to help you book choirs or book carollers to sing at your event. Our capable and friendly account managers would be more than happy to help you hire carollers or hire choirs for the occasion, just get in touch to learn more.

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