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Hire / Book Hula Hoopers

If you’re looking to hire hula hoopers to mesmerise your guests with their amazing moves then look no further! We have a variety of top hula hoopers whose fascinating talents range from fire hula hooping to LED hula hooping. Just get in touch to find out more about booking hula hoopers…

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The girliest LED spectacular show of all time!

Hire / Book Hula Hoopers

To hire a hula hooper for your event means that it is sure to be a complete success, the quirky and fun addition of a hula hooper to your entertainment is always a good choice. These fantastic entertainers are full of energy and charisma that allows them to engage with the crowds while performing and enchant them with a dynamic act. Hire hula hoopers for a show everyone can enjoy, whatever their age.

What is a Hula Hooper
The hula hoop craze came about in the late 1950’s when the American toy company Wham-O introduced it to the market. Soon it was adopted by circus performers where gymnasts would put on amazing hula hooping displays to impress their audience. Over time new tricks and stunts have been incorporated by hula hoopers who now perform routines with everything from fire hula hoops to hula hoop balancing acts.

Did You Know? – Mawara Ibrahim holds the record for most hoops twirled at the same time – an incredible 160! She is also available to book through Contraband.

Hula Hoopers on our Books
The range of sensational hula hoopers to hire will put on a remarkable show that will have your guests transfixed in fascination. Watch as these amazing performers spin their hoops, with some even including LED or fire to spice up the show with extra visual vibrancy. With colourful costumes and a passion for what they do the hula hoopers to hire will be an invaluable addition to your event. Fitting in perfectly with a wide range of themes and appealing to all sorts of audiences. Here are some of the exceptional hula hoopers to hire from our roster:

  • Pippa – This hula hooper puts on a performance full of wonder and thrills, her fire hula hooping is an explosive show that everyone will enjoy.
  • Marawa – This world record-holding hula hooper is an extraordinary performer who has been a semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent, Australia’s Got Talent and Arab’s Got Talent. She will certainly wow the crowds whatever the event.
  • Loz Because – A friendly and outgoing presence, this hula hooper can even perform an LED routine that will light up any room. Her bright show always prove to be big hit.

Booking Hula Hoopers
If you’re looking to hire hula hoopers who will have your guests spinning in an excited frenzy then you are in the right place. Our knowledge account managers excel at finding the best entertainment for your event. As a top entertainment booking agency we have a comprehensive selection of experienced hula hoopers to hire that can bring some flair and fun to any occasion. To make an enquiry or find out more about hiring hula hoopers just get in touch, we will work with you to ensure your hula hooper booking is a success.

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