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Silks, Trapeze & Hula Hooper

Madam Mango is an accomplished international artiste with many strings to her bow. Specialising in stunning and high skill aerial performances, including Corde Lisse, aerial silks, silks duet, and static trapeze, she also performs hula hoops, fire manipulation, comedy chair levitation, and colourful stilt walkabout. Acts can be tailored to suit your event.

Acts Available Include:

Cascade Corde Lisse
An ethereal journey into the higher spaces of circus. A fluid, graceful and gravity-defying dance, winding sinuously upwards, climbing, plunging, twisting and dropping with effortless skill, until cascading to a climactic and breathtaking finish. Cascade is a beautiful, high skill and unforgettable act that will enthral any audience.

Mango Rose – A Vertical Tango
In conjunction with Emily, this is a sensational and perfectly synchronised silks duet in a tango style. Taking Tango from the floor and into the air, combining passion, high drama and sensual tango choreography with flawless aerial to create a stunningly exciting airborne dance.

Hula-la! – Hula Hoop Stage and Walkabout Performance
A dynamic feast of quirky tricks, masterly manipulation and high speed hula hooping! Charmingly choreographed into an imaginative and wiggletastically sassy act for stage, cabaret or circus. Can be performed in a classic 1950’s style or as an eastern themed act. Also available as a fully interactive walkabout, Madam Mango can mix and mingle with the crowd, showing tempting snippets of her skills and encouraging them to have a go. A popular participatory walkabout, suitable for all ages and audiences.

Petruska – The Russian Princess of the Trapeze
Fresh from the icy wastes of Siberia, Petruska brings with her a deathly chill to warm your heart! A fully characterised and extremely daring trapeze solo that will take your breath away. Commanding, skilful and strongly energetic, this dynamic act builds to a thrilling finale. Petruska fixes you with a steely gaze and leaves you in no doubt who is in charge.

Monsoon – Aerial Silks
High above your heads, this is a striking and sensuous exploration of the aerial dimension. Elegantly entwined in the silks, this is a seductive, skilful and beautifully choreographed act that will provide an unforgettable highlight to your event.

Madam Mango is also available as one of the Fantastic Flamenco Stilts Ladies, Madam Peacock (stilt walkabout), for fire performances and cabaret acts. Acts can be tailored to suit your event or theme. She has worked in contemporary and traditional circus, for many corporate, cabaret and community events, she is also an experienced aerial teacher and workshop leader.

For Aerial, a minimum of 5 metres height and a 500kg rigging point.

Standard Length of Performance:
Mango Rose- A Vertical Tango (Silks duet) 8.5 minutes or 10 minutes
Petruska- (Trapeze) 6 minutes
Monsoon (Aerial Silks) 8 minutes
Hangabout 3 x 15 minutes
Hoola-la! (Hula Hoop act) 5.5 minutes
Hoola-la! (Hula Hoop walkabout) 3x 45min
Stilt walkabout 3x 45 min
Fire performance (Stage) 5-10 minutes
Ambient/meet and greet Fire performance 3x 15 mins

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An accomplished international artiste with many strings to her bow

Entertaining & graceful performances which can be tailored to suit your event

Also performs hula hoops, fire manipulation, comedy chair levitation, and colourful stilt walkabout

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Here’s what Madam Mango’s clients said:

An amazing and very graceful performance
White Rose Awards

She’s off her rocker
Big Reunion

It was brilliant; Madam Mango was great the audience loved her! Thanks again for all your help you made everything very easy for me!
KC Jones Conference and Events


Madam Mango’s Previous Clients:

Bassline Circus
Sheffield Chamber of Commerce
Bentley Motors
Waterford Arts Centre
OCN Awards
Empire Circus
Sensatori Tenerife
Glastonbury Festival
White Rose Awards
Shambala Festival
Syrcas Circus
Chesterfield Garden of Light

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