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Hire / Book Burlesque Dancers

Hire burlesque dancers to enchant and amaze your guests with their seductively sensational acts. Our burlesque dancers consist of top performers who have won many awards and accolades for their fabulous routines. Get in touch to find out more about hiring our beautiful burlesque dancers…

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Hire / Book Burlesque Dancers

If you’re looking to spice up your event with a touch of glamour and a healthy dose of charm, then hire burlesque dancers to captivate the crowds. Our brilliant burlesque dancers put passion into their performance with a variety of spellbinding acts that are designed to thrill. Whether you want to hire burlesque dancers to enchant your guests at an awards show or for a unique twist on birthday celebrations, we have some of the burlesque performers in the business that always make a fabulous impression.

What is a Burlesque Dancer?
Burlesque dancing first came into popular culture in the 17th century. Humour and extravaganza are words regularly used to describe this increasingly popular form of dancing. With Burlesque dancers aiming to tell a story often by parodying current topics such as prominent music or political scandals, mixed with glitzy costumes and some seduction, they put on a ravishing performance that is certain to keep everyone entertained.

Did You Know? – The first time burlesque was introduced to the big screen was in 1943 in the film ‘Lady of Burlesque’ which reflected the backstage life of burlesque dancers.

The Difference Between Burlesque and Cabaret
Both these irresistibly glamorous forms of entertainment have certain aspects in common but are fundamentally different. Where burlesque dancing is a parody or humorous show often with social or political commentary, cabaret is more of a variety of different acts with individual performances rather than one main performance blending comedy, dance and dazzle like you get with burlesque.

Burlesque dancers to Hire on our Roster
Our captivating collection of experienced and accomplished burlesque dancers to hire are sure to stun your guests. Delivering sensational performances full of wit and originality they will mesmerise their audience with expressive dance and glamorous costumes. You can hire burlesque dancers for a number of events, whether it’s a burlesque themed birthday or a corporate extravaganza they will be sure to provide some fabulously riotous entertainment at your event. Here are a few burlesque dancers to hire on our books:

• Burlesque Dancer Carrie-Ann – This sparkling burlesque dancer puts on an unforgettable tribute to the queen of burlesque Dita Von Teese, with a range of electrically engaging shows that will definitely make for an extra special event.
• Boylesque Dancer De Lune – This charismatic performer is one the most exclusive male burlesque dancers in the business, with his dramatically spellbinding act he captivates crowds across Europe.
• Burlesque Dancers The Follies – This troupe of tantalising burlesque dancers love to travel round the globe bringing their seductively sensational act, with two nominations for ‘Best Burlesque Act’ at the London Cabaret Awards and a comprehensive variety of costumes and choreography, they are bound to wow the crowds at any event.

Hire Burlesque Dancers
Hire burlesque dancers to ensure your event stands out from the rest, whether it’s a private or corporate party, an awards show or gala dinner, these enchanting burlesque dancers can astound the guests with their dreamy dances and sharp humour. If you hire burlesque dancers with us you will get a top-quality service from start to finish, we are a top entertainment booking agency with capable, attentive account managers who can assist you with your burlesque dancer booking. Give us a call or contact us on our site and we will be pleased to help you hire burlesque dancers that will light up the stage.

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