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Part Burlesque dancing starlet, part innovative performance artiste, part music hall Vaudevillian, and all dreamer. Miss Butterfly’s elegant, classic style comes with a twist. The daughter of an Irish showgirl and an eccentric Viennese aristocrat, Miss Butterfly ‘s beautifully choreographed routines take in everything from the ethereal, the breath-taking and the beautiful to the macabre and the comic. With influences including everyone from Anita Berber and Loie Fuller to Rita Hayworth and the Marchesa Casati, in addition to movements such as the Pre-Raphaelites, literature, surrealism and more along the way.

A true performance artist with a style all her own, she is everything from a Carnival Queen with a show-stopping 17” corseted waist, a doll, a butterfly, a peacock, a swan, a silver-screen siren, a living Klimt painting – and anything her imagination can create. Miss Butterfly fuses old-school glamour with dreamy creativity as well as an up-to-date sense of fun and professional versatility, her performance background includes ballet (she frequently performs en pointe), tap, circus (static trapeze or aerial hoop), acting and opera.

Acts Available Include: The Swan Bride, Peacock Lament, The Victorian Butterfly, Beautiful and Damned, Starlight, Classic Burlesque Fan Dance, Ziegfeld Showgirl, Belle Epoque (La Serpentine), Wild Roses, Living Doll, Snow Queen, The Snow Globe.

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Slinky, sexy and sensational

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Part Burlesque starlet, part innovative performance artiste,

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Here’s what Miss Butterfly – Burlesque Performer’s clients said:

Miss Butterfly is lush. She has the extraordinary curves, the bee-waist and ripe thighs of a Regency poule de luxe crossed with a Bettie Page vixen’s face… all of us at the table, irrespective of gender, have developed minor crushes and we watch mesmerised as the butterflies that cover her pearly bosom flutter off on to the floor… making delicious little moues, she engages us in flirtatious eye-contact: when the peacock feathers waft from Miss Butterfly’s body during her Peacock Lament, it doesn’t matter if you temporarily lose the ability to wield cutlery. But we had fun. Whoop whoop and hell, yeah.
Marina O’Loughlin, the London Metro

Wittily deadpan…(her) way with feathers gave me faith in burlesque.
Time Out

Notable as a real innovator, lacing her costumes and routines with a bewitching dose of fairy-tale surrealism that stands her sharply apart from the crowd.

Miss Butterfly seduces the assembly with her nubile tease
The Metro

Spectacular! a corseted Isadora Duncan with the grace of Steichen’s 1920 photograph on the Parthenon’s steps.
Alternative Magazine

Behind me a couple of dandies with looking glasses atop their canes got their cravats in a twist as they ogled the tall, auburn-haired beauty Miss Butterfly. Butterfly was in many ways the opposite of Velvet, whose flame-lit set and dusky costume suggested sinful seduction. For her moon act, Butterfly appeared in a billowing white gown. The folds of fabric and coy removal of layers played with a sexualised innocence, exploring the ideas of darkness and light associated with the moth.
The Erotic Review

In the sultry yellow light, the porcelain skin of the girl seems phosphorescent… she radiates an ethereal energy. Something about her suggests that she’s a creature of the night – a lunar being who’s most alive in the witching hours. Perhaps it’s her moon-pale complexion, which contrasts with a cascade of deep red hair, or the way the shawl draped over her delicate limbs makes her resemble an antique doll that lives in a walnut chest in a high, cobwebbed loft, and magically springs to life when the stars come out to play… the revered Burlesque artiste with a tiny 17″ corseted waist.

Already threatening to achieve legendary diva status, this classic, mysterious siren is leaving us breathless.

Miss Butterfly’s homage to Gustav Klimt was slinky, sexy and sensational.
Bizarre Magazine

Miss Butterfly, petite and delicate, arrived there completely covered with peacock feathers. She represents the research and the attainment of the sublime. A talented performer with a rare beauty, she embodies innocence and pride and she generously gives them to her public. Miss Butterfly is delicate and persuasive; only feathers, pearls and veils cover her body, not to reveal too much, she is ethereal as if she came from another planet and came down among us in her brightness. She follows the rare styles of the revue vaudeville and of the Belle-Epoque, that’s why she is one of the most claimed and imitated artists. She is famous for her fan-dance (made with fans of feathers), that brings the public in a real travel back in time, between feelings of magic and poetry.
Venice Nightlife

A last favourite of mine is Miss Butterfly. I think she is just beautiful. Her acts were soft, elegant and ethereal. She performed her ‘The Faberge Egg’ act, – it was just darling. She emerges out of this opulently decorated egg all feathered up like a baby chick. She did an entrancing fan dance with pearly white feathers before retreating back into the egg. Her second act is one that will stick in my mind for a long time because it was truly magnificent feat. Belle Epoque La Lune or ‘The Moon’ is simply a wonderful, dreamy illusion of a performance; a dazzling, giant moon (probably the hugest prop I have ever seen) takes centre stage and Miss Butterfly spirals and twists on this rocking moon – an acrobatic sensation! She was like this tragic nymph dancing under the moonlight.
Burlesque Bible Magazine

It was beguiling Miss Butterfly, a fiery red angel who glided around the stage in a surreal flame-red swirl, like some Middle Earth enchantress from Lord of the Rings, who wore the night’s crown.
This is Gloucestershire

Less tongue in cheek, more opium fuelled fantasy, and quite the contrast.

Darling of the hopeless Romantic set, a living Pre-Raphaelite sorceress with a wasp-waist and drown-in-me eyes
Dusty Limits

A performer whose act harks back to the music hall era, with butterflies billowing from her clothes as she performs acts that balance eroticism, humour and horror.
Spoonfed Arts website

…it (The Victorian Butterfly) is a really stunning piece because she dances so balletically, performing en pointe. Her routine is a fusion of veil dancing, dancing with Isis wings and sand dancing. It is quite unique to mix all those styles in one piece. It is the ultimate in evocative Victorian burlesque striptease. Very reminiscent of the old music hall routines of Loie Fuller and Mata Hari. It’s all about the tease and not the sleaze. A lot of time and energy goes into creating just one single routine and when it’d done right, it is just beautiful.
Edinburgh Evening News

…The uniquely talented artiste whose elegant, balletic performances have prompted her meteoric rise on the international theatre circuit in recent years. The best of the London scene and Boom Boom Club’s leading lady.
Fluid News


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