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Aerial Silk, Hoop, Trapeze

Empress Stah is a “Jerwood Circus Award” winning Trapeze Artist with over 12 years professional experience, and was one of the first artists this century to mix highly skilled aerial performance with burlesque style cabaret.

Empress Stah has been performing her unique brand of Neo Cabaret since 1998, she lives and works in London and travels abroad frequently. Stah devises and choreographs all her own work and has also produced full scale, touring cabaret events.

Acts Available Include:

Futuristic Acts
Empress Stah’s latest acts include aerial and ground interactive based futuristic shows including 3D mapping and a laser butt plug show (no nudity).
The Chandelier
The Chandelier is Empress Stah’s signature performance. Opulently hand crafted, the Chandelier will add an extra touch of glamour to the most sumptuous of venues. Truly unique, it is the only one of its kind in the whole wide world.

Visually stunning as a centrepiece in its own right the Chandelier may appear as an innocent part of the décor, until, it slowly begins to descend in preparation for the performance. A trapeze, hoop or sling is then clipped on and back up it goes, only this time with Stah gracefully suspended and performing a mesmerising Aerial Dance. The nature of the shows varies from a full cabaret act to a themed acrobatic routine to and eye catching installation.

Originally conceived for Stah’s solo show “Swinging from the Chandelier”, the Chandelier was designed and purpose built to accommodate aerial performances. Made from polished stainless steel it is 2m in diameter and 1.8m high, it has 18 arms with individual lighting fixtures on a dimmer to create different atmospheres and ambience. These arms are all detachable so it packs into flight cases for ease of touring.
The Chandelier has been developed for a range of various aerial, cabaret and installation performances.

Ice Palace
Blue Lights and Snow adorn the Chandelier to create a magical, wintery ambience for Stah to perform an aerial hoop routine to Frozen by Madonna. The act begins with Stah entering with a flaming candelabra, she eats the fire before beginning the aerial act.
This can be performed without The Chandelier.
Duration: 7 min

The Constellation – Eternal Night
The Constellation is Empress Stah’s brand new aerial prop, inspired by her ambition to perform in zero gravity. Creating the illusion that Stah is indeed floating around in space, The Constellation consists of seven illuminated, inflated stars that hang from a heptagonal steel structure. The Constellation provides a three dimensional performance space in which an aerial act is performed as well as a stunning set for ground based cabaret acts and themed events. Eternal Night is an ethereal, dream like act, performed on aerial hoop to a song of the same name by Emma Shaplin.

The Grinch
The Grinch is a Christmas show rated G for grown ups, adapted from the Dr Suess children’s book. Empress Stah emerges from a giant gift wrapped box and sets about decorating the stage with all the festive trimmings of Xmas including presents, mistletoe and a tree with lights. A dark moment draws her back into the box, from which she reappears as The Grinch, in a latex mask, and proceeds to steal Xmas back into the box before finally stealing kisses from the audience!!
Music includes snippets of The Grinch by Boris Karloff, The Nightmare before Christmas, It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and Kiss by Tom Jones.
No Nudity.
Duration: 6.45 mins.

Hey Santa Clause you C**t
This is very rude !!! A rude, crude, Xmas Cabaret, with an overtone of Scrooge! Empress Stah as the Ice Queen in her Ice Palace makes cocktails from the crushed bodies of mini Santa’s, eats fire, roughs up Santa with an Ice Pick before sodomising him with a lollypop. However a visit from the Xmas spirit gives her a change of heart and in order to gain Santa’s forgiveness, she gives him a lap dance with a happy ending! Music includes snippets from Ice Dance by Danny Elfman, The twelve days of Chrsitmas, Hey Santa Clause you C**T by Kevin Bloody Wilson, Santa Baby plus spoken word.
Explicit Nudity, Adult Concepts and Foul Language
Duration: 15min.

A Gold Star
She’s a Women of Gold, literally gilded from head to toe in Gold Glitter. She understands the magical processes of alchemy and must take care that her ego does not inflate like the gold balloons that surround her on stage. She struts to T-Rex, hula’s to Abba’s ‘The winner Takes it All’, pleasures herself to Gold Finger, inhales laughing gas to ‘Everyone’s a Winner’ by Bonney M and performs the (optional) infamous ‘Bum Balloon’ encore to Spandex Ballet’s ‘You are Gold”.
Contains discreet nudity / explicit nudity with the Bum Balloon Encore
Duration: 10.30 mins.

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An award winning Trapeze Artist with many years experience

One of the first artists this century to mix highly skilled aerial performance with burlesque style cabaret

Stah devises and choreographs all her own work and has also produced full scale, touring cabaret events

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Here’s what Empress Stah’s clients said:

Utterly Unique
Time Out

Sublime & Ridiculous
The Adelaide Advertiser, Australia


Empress Stah’s Previous Clients:

The Brit Awards
The Commonwealth Games
The Royal Opera House
The Tate Modern
Harvey Nichols
Torture Garden International
Glastonbury Festival
Lost Vagueness
Reading Festival
Cosmopolitan Magazine

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