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All the way from Australia come these hilarious hula hooping cowgirls! Watch out! These girls are single handedly bringing back line dancing and all that western music we tried to forget!

It’s a knee slappin’, line dancin’, yeeha-tastic shindig with the Cowgirls from Down Under!

The pair can perform a 30 min street style show, or a 10 min stage show. Also 5 min solo cabaret acts, walkabout or podium shows available.
Also available are Cleopatra and Ice White.

These two gorgeous hula-hoop girls will dazzle your guests with their incredible multi hula-hooping skills.

As a meet and greet act they will welcome your guests smiles and skills they will not forget!
As a walkabout act they will interact playfully and perform hula-hoop stunts many of your guests would never have seen or thought possible!

Cleopatra’s are fantastic for any occasion – especially for Arabian Nights or Middle Eastern themed events.

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Hilarious hula hooping

Will welcome your guests smiles

Incredible multi hula-hooping skills.

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Here's what Hula Girls – Hula Hooper's clients said:

” …The hula hooper and the crystal ball guy were so helpful and were great with the crowd, the balloon modeller on Sunday was great too. The activity was a success and I am sure we will need you for more work in the near future so i’ll be in touch.”

BD Network Ltd (via Contraband)

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