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Encountering a giant sloth is a surreal and magical experience that you will want to record, share and remember forever… They are like real sloths, only naughtier and big enough to engulf your entire group in a slow hug! The playful walkabout sloths are swampy, selfie addicted and will groom your friends given half a chance! They’ve learned how to gradually steal your hat, do a fist bump, mess up your hair, sneak a cheeky beard stroke and even try their humungous claws at matchmaking (since they can fit your entire head in one hand). The mesmerising music chills you out and you feel yourself slowly becoming an honorary sloth as the anarchic funny sloth family envelop you into their hairy fold, inducing euphoric tears in people of all ages!

Baby Dribble is adorable and loves to play, hanging onto the sloth handler he will chew on your fingers and snuggle. The handler explains (tongue in cheek) the bizarre sloth habits and will answer any questions you might want to know about her amazing companions, making Sloth Time a great conversational and conservational attraction. Sloths are massive right now and Hibiscus, Gladys and Dribble seem to have come straight out of a social media story to make dreams come true.

Since 2019 Sloth Time has been performed all over the world from Beijing to Bradford at parties, shopping centres, music festivals, exhibition openings, cabarets, feasts, fetes and national celebrations. The walkabout sloths have performed the Conga with Mayors; the Macarena with Martians and they probably hold the record for the slowest striptease in the world.

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A surreal and magical experience with giant walkabout sloths!

An interactive and fun way to share environmental messages at your event.

Find out some interesting and bizarre facts about sloths!

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Here’s what Walkabout Sloths – The Sloths’ clients said:

“The sloths were absolutely remarkable… enormously talented! I have received a number of wonderful comments too!… It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and hugely successful!”
– East Riding Council

“They were amazing – really friendly and hard-working, and also up for an unusual final set on Sunday where we got to see a sloth conga!”
– Cirque Bijou

“They were fantastic to work with at the Lark in the Park event. The performances at our summer community fun day were impressive, fun, engaging and creative and thoroughly loved and enjoyed by the crowds of all ages that came to our event… thank you for your generous, creative and kind hearts.
– Lark in the Park Community Unity


Walkabout Sloths – The Sloths’ previous clients:

Beijing Spring Festival
Cambridge Folk Festival
Bradford Literature Festival
Corbridge Music Festival
Bristol Harbour Festival
Norwich Lord Mayor’s Parade
Beverley Art Gallery
Eastgate Shopping Centre Basildon
Palace Exchange Shopping Centre Enfield
Haymarket Shopping Centre Leicester
Golden Lion Todmorden
St Matthew’s Primary school, Bradford
Exeter Street Arts Festival
Basingstoke Malls Shopping Centre
Saltfleetby Cricket Club
Facebook Dublin

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