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Craft & Pavement Art Workshops

Providing world class street art with public participation that will get your event noticed! U.C. have worked at some of the world’s top events including the Singapore Arts Festival, The Dubai Shopping Festival, The Bahrain Grand Prix & the City of London Festival, to name but a few. They have been described as Masters of visual pavement art, Innovative workshop artists & “Bringing Street Painting back to life in the UK”. Works involve lots of families, children and adults; complete strangers in the creation of massive works of art at a single event. U.C. won the Manchester Airport, Arts Award of the Year 2000. U.C. are a perfect addition to any festival or event were public interaction is important!

All works are site specific, ephemeral (temporary) and original to each and every event. The art pieces are fully interactive involving as many people as possible in creating large scale works of art on the street. People have the opportunity to leave their mark, to be part of something bigger than themselves. To creatively play on the streets!

Creative Projects:
3D Pavement Artists
Also called “Anamorphic Art” A perfect visual and live performance art experience, and focal point; in which the public get the chance to interact with a 3D creation, from beginning to end. Imagine being photographed falling into a massive canyon or standing on a skyscraper right in the middle of your high street!

Indoor pavement artists
Bringing the essence of outdoor pavement art to the indoor space. Creating “live art” interventions and activities for public involvement. Adaptable for any size or shape of venue; ideal for shopping malls, exhibition spaces, galleries and other indoor venues. Activities can be themed to suit event, and can include anything from action drawing games to complicated 3D anamorphic floor art!

British Screeving – chalk artists
Also known as chalking art; originated on the streets of Britain & Italy, and is a tradition going back hundreds of years to Elizabethan times. Families and children can become ‘Screevers’ (chalk artists) for the day, in true Mary Poppins style; helping to create a massive collective work of art!

Urban Action Painting
Help create a giant “Action Paintings” using brushes, mops, rollers, remote control gadgets, paint bombs and anything else we can put our hands on! This is self-expression on a massive scale – throwing paint around and generally having fun with art. This can be done on grass (on prepared surfaces such as boards or canvas) or directly onto paved areas.

Urban Lanterns
Lantern Workshops: U.C. produce two types of creative lantern making workshops:
– Floatingsuitable for enclosed waterway such as canal, park-lake or water feature for launch.
– Make n’ Take or non-floating – suitable for parkland or indoor workshop activity. Lanterns stay lit for around 3 to 4 hours.
In ideal conditions U.C. can aim to make around 300 to 400 lanterns per day, but this will vary, depending on the numbers of people involved. Around 500 to a 1000 lanterns launched on a lake makes for a spectacular sight!

Lanterns are ideal for weddings, Diwali (festivals of light), summer/winter solace events, Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Equinox, Christmas, anniversaries and promotional events. U.C also provide themed lanterns for corporate events, where lanterns can be personalised with company logos and artwork!

Christmas Options
– Four Exciting Seasonal Workshops from U.C. to bring sparkle to your event this festive season!
– Christmas Stories – Seasonal & Decorative Floor Designs (Chalking Art and Mosaic Art) to creatively engage the public.
– Christmas Lanterns- “Make and Take” Lanterns; the public can make their very own lantern to take home for the festive season…lit with LED Lights.
– Boxing Day – Decorate your very own Christmas Box to fill with presents and place under your tree.

Fruit artists
– Urban Fruit & Food Festoons – Using food ‘passed its ‘SELL-BY’ date, UC show how people can create amazing decorations and tree hangings from the simplest of things, Festoons can be taken home, hung on trees and used as alternative Christmas decorations! Ideal for highlighting GREEN ISSUES, garden parties, tree dressings or seasonal events, indoors or out!
– Celtic Fruit Hangings – Alternative Seasonal Decorations; these can be hung outdoors to dress up your trees and are made from fruit/vegetables/pasta (using foods passed their sell by date) and adorned with fun accessories.

Technical Specification:
PAVEMENT ART: Surface is EVERYTHING! Digital photos would be required of the proposed site. Areas should be cleaned and free from dust and glass etc. prior to the event.

Materials used are environmentally friendly/non-toxic and do not damage the site in any way. Finished works can be hosed away with water after the event if required; but it’s just nice to watch them fade away, and often promoters ask how they can preserve the works!

UC can also work indoors, or on a prepared surface, such as boards or canvas. Artists are fully insured & CRB checked.

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Visual pavement art involving lots of families, children and adults

Fully interactive art pieces giving audiences a chance to leave their mark

Be a part of something bigger by exploring creativity on the streets

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Here’s what U.C – Craft & Pavement Art Workshops’ clients said:

We had a fantastic day on Saturday and I simply can’t recommend U.C, highly enough, their friendliness and professionalism is second to none, we had extremely changeable weather conditions as you will see from the attached YouTube clip but they persevered with such a positive attitude, they are an pleasure to work with and I will hope to do so again in the near future.
Daisy Entertainment

It takes exceptional talent to create real art with complete strangers.
British Telecom Summer Garden

This is too big for my eyes!
Sunderland Waterfront Festival

What the both of you shared with the people during The Singapore Arts Festival 2003 was nothing less than superb. Definitely a chance of a lifetime that doesn’t come around often and very much an eye opener to what art is all about. I guess we were all grateful for the opportunities to get down on our knees, decorating the streets, bringing it to “life” it has been lots of fun being your liaison officer, hope you enjoyed your stay in Singapore and we’ll be more than happy to have your artists back. Keep up the great work!
National Arts Council of Singapore.

We were really lucky to get this prestigious and talented company. Thank you for producing the stunning huge artworks for our People’s Park.
Ballymena Borough Council

By taking street art seriously you have given it credibility.
Walker Art Gallery

Fantastic work
Manchester International Arts

I just wanted to write and say how grateful I am to both of you for providing such superb quality events. Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed taking part, there are lots of comments and images that will stay in my mind for a long time to come. Thank you so much for bringing such a valuable experience to Bridgnorth. I would have no hesitation in booking you for future events and will most definitely be in touch! THANK YOU, YOU LOVELY PEOPLE!
Bridgnorth Council

U.C. were brilliant, very easy to work with and extremely professional, it was a very successful event with lots of happy children and families enjoying themselves, I will hope to use U.C. again very soon.
Daisy Entertainment and Event Management

It was a pleasure for us to work with Catherine and Philip, they did a great job. I didn’t have any chance to thank to them so I’d appreciate if you can share it with them too. I hope we will have chance to work with you and with them again.
Image PR

It was a pleasure working with you; thanks again for today, you did such a great job!
Derwent Pencil Company



U.C – Craft & Pavement Art Workshops’ Previous Clients:

ACT 3 International
City of London Festival
Regent Street Association
The British High Commission
British Telecom
St Patrick’s Festival
Dubai Shopping Festival
Cumberland Pencil Company
Compagnie HO
Bahrain Grand Prix
Mr Wimpy
Liverpool Vision
Canary Wharf Events

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