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Food & Drink Hostesses

Do you want your event to stand out from the crowd, light up the room and wow your guests? These fun interactive roaming tables can offer just that. They are perfect for champagne receptions or serving sweets or canapés. Rather than your guests having to break off from their conversations to find the drinks or food, these hostesses can mingle with your guests and serve them in style. This is an innovative way of serving your guests something a different way, and is a great way for guests to be welcomed into the party or event.

Or why not have the beautiful hostesses handing out party accessories?
They have 6 tables available – 2 large, 2 slimline and 2 without drinks holes in (designed just for canapés).

The new LED slimline tables are perfect for mingling in smaller spaces / fitting through single doorways.

The inbuilt LED lights can fade through up to 16 different colours, or stay a single colour, co-ordinating with the theme of your choice and the hostesses will dress to match as well.

Examples of how they have already been used include:
– Canapés
– Champagne
– Pop corn, Candy
– Party Poppers, Christmas Crackers, Easter Eggs

Each table is designed to be multi functional in that it can be used to safely and securely hold filled champagne flutes or filled dishes. Also the hostesses can carry the tables for up to 45 mins, perfect for a champagne reception.

Think glam, think colour, think unique service.

LED Costumes & Roaming Tables : Videos | Book for your event

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Fun, interactive roaming tables

These hostesses can mingle with your guests and serve them in style

The hostesses will dress to match your themed event

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Video of LED Costumes & Roaming Tables

Book LED Costumes & Roaming Tables

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