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Female Shamisen Trio

Mitsubachi is an all-female shamisen trio with members hailing from Japan, Germany and Australia. These three diverse women light up the stage with their passion, joy, musical virtuosity and elegant appearance. Mitsubachi presents beautifully in traditional kimono, wielding the unique and fascinating instrument of their specialty: the shamisen.

The shamisen is a Japanese 3-stringed lute played with a large triangular plectrum, a novelty to most audiences – representing the authentic and unmistakable sound of Japan. Although the shamisen was favoured by geisha, the women of Mitsubachi choose to adopt the robust Tsugaru style, developed by blind travelling monks. Until modern times, this was largely a male-dominated tradition; Mitsubachi seek to challenge this tradition with their own style and flair.

Shiomi, Tina & Youka formed Mitsubachi in Berlin in 2018, the trio immediately began performing to captivated audiences around Berlin. They have since performed throughout Europe’s cultural festivals, street food festivals, Japanese events, private and corporate events. Also releasing a debut album in 2018, with the renowned Songlines magazine declared: “If you need a contemporary introduction to the world of Tsugaru shamisen, this is it.”

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Mitsubachi are currently the only all female Shamisen Trio

An authentic and unmistakable sound of Japan

The trio can also expand to a 4 to 5-piece band

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Here’s what Female Shamisen Trio – Mitsubachi’s clients said:

“Mitsubachi provided traditional Japanese music for a beautiful and exceptional background”
– Mazda

“Super friendly, great to watch and the music was fascinating”
– Ketering GmbH

“Thank you for your wonderful performance on Sunday, it was really lovely. Thanks also for your uncomplicated and professional cooperation.”
– Sushi Festival Kreuzberg

“A wonderful insight into a part of Japanese culture”
– Mr. Moto Sushi Bar


Female Shamisen Trio – Mitsubachi’s repertoire:

First Snow
Flying Dutchman

Modern arrangements:
Gymnopedie No. 1 (Erik Satie – arr. by Mitsune)
Sakura Sakura (Traditional – arr. by Mitsune)
Soran Bushi (Traditional – arr. by Mitsune)

Ado Hadari
Akita Nikata Bushi
Akita Senboku Nikata Bushi
Kaigara Bushi
Kokiriko Bushi
Kuroda Bushi
Kuroishi Yosare Bushi
Ringo Bushi
Sakura Sakura
Soran Bushi
Tanko Bushi
Tawaratsumi Uta
Tokyo Ondo
Tosa no Sunayama
Tsugaru Gannin Bushi
Tsugaru Jinku
Tsugaru Jonkara Kyū Bushi
Tsugaru Jonkara Shin Bushi
Tsugaru Shiogama Jinku
Yasaburo Bushi

Modern Shamisen Repertoire:
Azemichi (Etsuro Ono)
Azuma no Michi (Masahiro Nitta)
Chemical Elements (Hibiki Ichikawa)
Electric (Hibiki Ichikawa)
Hisho no Hibiki (Akihiro Ichikawa)
Karma (Yutaka Oyama & Masahiro Nitta)
Kitakaze ni Odoru (Etsuro Ono)
Kita no Hibiki (Oyako Nitta)
Kizuna (Masahiro Nitta)
Kodo (Yoshida Brothers)
Sōgetsu (Takehide Hirohara)
Wind of Sand (Hibiki Ichikawa)


Female Shamisen Trio – Mitsubachi’s previous clients:

European Judo Union
Uebersee-Museum Bremen
Living Hotel De Medici Düsseldorf
International Sushi Festival (ISF)
Roku Gin
Ava & May
Kenshinkai Berlin
Rōji Japanese Gardens
Ketering GmbH

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