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Mr Wippy is a mobile piece of musical theatre based in an antique ice cream van. The styling is reminiscent of 1940’s American ‘Cheesecake’ art and the saucy seaside postcard art of pre-war Britain, tailored to suit family audiences. The theme of the show is ice cream and it is 15mins long. The characters are Mr. Wippy the compère and crooner, Knickerbocker Glory (AKA Strawberry Sauce) the leading lady and The Conettes-the two backing singers, all sing and dance familiar Hollywood musical numbers with rewritten lyrics. Between shows the cast offer short dance workshops to members of the audience, all ages will be welcome.

The idea behind the show is to take the exclusive and elusive world of cabaret out from the confines of the night club and into the open, daylight air, making the art form accessible to a much wider audience. Using an ice cream van as a backdrop (and as transport), a portable sprung dance floor and their own sound system, these performers will create a beautiful spectacle anywhere they go. The combination of cabaret and ice cream is irresistible. The performers love the American ‘cheesecake’ styling for its sharpness, colour, and happy sauciness which today is not inappropriate for family audiences. They also enjoy the reference to the British beach holiday of the 40’s and 50’s and hope to bring a beach holiday atmosphere wherever they perform.

So far this year they have performed the show for the St George’s Day Festival, in the We Love Marlborough Festival, The Mouth of the Tyne Festival and in Swindon and York at the Designer Outlets.

Standard Length of Performance:

3 x 15 minute shows + 3 x 10 minute workshops per day with 4 performers – Mr Wippy, Knickerbocker Glory, 2 Conettes and one crew member.

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Musical theatre based in an antique ice cream van

Performers will create a beautiful spectacle anywhere they go.

The combination of cabaret and ice cream is irresistible

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Here’s what Mr Wippy Show – Musical Theatre Show’s clients said:

“You were all very good and impressed the crowd. The event went very well and you all played a part in that success.”


“Thank you for all your hard work on our recent Christmas shoot, we had an awful lot to shoot in a short space of time only made possible by your hard work and professionalism”

Sky TV


Mr Wippy Show – Musical Theatre Show ‘s characters include:

Mr Wippy

Compère, crooner, schmoozer, a bit Dick Tracy, Jonny Fedora. He has a twinkle in his eye and his teeth have that crystal shine. He looks great in mauve. He sings, dances (tap and soft shoe shuffle and possibly a little break dancing) and charms the crowd. Very sharp and a bit cartoon.

Knickerbocker Glory

Our leading lady, a little bit Carmen Miranda, Ginger Rogers and Esther Williams, she enters as Strawberry Sauce and evolves into Knickerbocker Glory. This archetypal story of girl next door growing up into diva she tells using song, fan dancing and tap. She is definitely quite a gal!

The Conettes

Our lovely backing singers and chorus line bring that happy, cheerful, slightly unaware sauciness that was the way thing were in the 40’s. Youll love them for it! They are perfectly pitched for audiences of all ages being offensive to no-one and fun for everyone. They sing, dance and twirl their brollies like no-one else can.


Mr Wippy Show – Musical Theatre Show’s technical requirements:

Mr Wippy Van

1 x 13 amp power for sound system, (although a generator can be supplied
upon request) a 16’ wide by 18’ deep flat, hard and dry area plus room
for the audience with vehicle access plus parking for one other car.


Mr Wippy Show – Musical Theatre Show ‘s previous clients:

Bristol International Airport
Sky TV
Bacardi India
MacArthur Glen Shopping Centres
Alton Towers Northern Leisure
Queens College
Rank Leisure
Richard Branson
First Leisure
Golden Nuggets
UK St Johns College
The Egg
Kiss FM radio
Tommy Hilfiger
Levis Virgin Trains
London Zoo
Wadham College
Mean Fiddler
Walt Disney Corporation
Nortel Whitbread Hotels

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