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Christmas Entertainment

The Postal Express is a Christmas Act in South Wales, perfect for party entertainment, private parties, corporate party entertainment, stage cabaret entertainment, themed party entertainment, conference entertainment, international event entertainment, birthday party entertainment, stag party entertainment, drinks party entertainment, award ceremonies, bar mitzvah entertainment, bat mitzvah entertainment.

For the first time anywhere in the world, The Postal Express service allows your child to check that their Christmas present requests have been logged with Santa and his team of busy elves.

As you queue for your turn to make the call to Santa’s North Pole Workshop, Postmaster Stamp will check your name and present requests and issue you with a magic bell on a ribbon- Hold on to this!

When it’s your turn you’ll be asked to step up to speak to Postmaster Punch at The Postal Express booth window. You’ll pass the magic bell under the counter window and Postmaster Punch will take a look in his giant book to confirm your name and present requests. Using the magic bell, he’ll then call the elves on the hotline in Santa’s North Pole Workshop.

During the phone call, anyone standing by The Postal Express booth window, will get to hear both sides of the conversation that Postmaster Punch has with the elves.

From trips to the stockroom to funny arguments with grumpy elves, from cheesy ‘on hold’ music to silly songs and festive jokes, the ‘live’ phone call can really capture the imagination of any child and is a real delight for the whole family.

Once the call is over, Postmaster Punch ticks off your child’s name in his book and doubly reassures you that everything is in order.

Postmaster Punch then hands you back your magic bell on a ribbon and you’re told to hang on your tree or in your bedroom so when Santa comes he’ll know that you’re a Postal Express customer and are extra special.
The First 100 bells on ribbons are including in the performance. Additional bells can be ordered.
3 x 30 minute or 3 x 45 minute slots overt 4 hour period

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Captures the imagination of any child

A delight for the whole family

Keep the crowd entertained

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Here’s what The Postal Express’s clients said:

Many many thanks, you were superb as always, now we’ve got to start planning next year
Lloyds Bank

Absolutely fantastic. Really brought the crowd alive!
Victorian Fayre 2013

That was simply brilliant. We’ll be booking you for next year!
Production 78

A fantastic enhancement to our event. Hilarious banter and certainly kept the crowds entertained ’These fellas really know what they’re doing; definitely recommended!
Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay


The Postal Express’s Previous Clients:

Lloyds Bank
Penarth Town Council
Ensinger Ltd.

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