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Various Interactive Shows

Flossy and Boo offer a variety of imaginative and interactive acts that look at the world from an unconventional point of view – from walkabouts to full shows (indoor and outdoor), with work suitable for families or cabaret audiences, they will bring colour and delight to any event.

Flossy and Boo’s productions include:

Family Friendly:
Clemence and Florentine Walkabout – Ding a ling! Time for tea! Let Clemence and Florentine take you through their rigorous and ridiculous etiquette lessons and ensure your guests are at their most accomplished… from tea drinking to poetry to the proper way to cover your knees, this duo will have your event spick and span in no time!

Flossy and Boo Walkabout – A bright and impactful walkabout with the ukulele playing duo that will leave everyone with a smile on their face and a ridiculously catchy song in their ears! You can also add in the Flossy and Boo-tique for glitter and face paint options for your guests.

Ned and The Whale – An indoor family show featuring live music and puppetry. The length and size of production is adaptable. The magical tail of Ned and the Whale begins a little like this… With buckles and swash, this story’s awash with a mysterious odour of fish. Though sharp as a pin, Ned’s courage was thin, for his sister was terribly mean. She spouted great lies: ‘A Kingdom of Spies will steal you and harvest your spleen!’ A fishy tail of magic and adventure sail away on a quest to help Ned find his courage and discover the truth behind the mysterious Kingdom of Spies. Flossy and Boo bring you their curiously spellbinding brand of storytelling.

The Curiosity Shop – A street theatre show featuring their main characters and the bizarre world they inhabit. Flossy and Boo’s Curiosity Shop is an interactive show for all the family, filled with songs, stories, music and bizarre characters. Flossy and Boo have run away from the circus to set up their own travelling curiosity shop – collecting songs, trinkets and stories of rather strange characters along the way. Enter Flossy and Boo’s mind-boggling world and hear all about their curious adventures.

Cabaret Style:
Flossy and Boo: Curious Cabaret songs – A selection of Flossy and Boo’s comedy songs that can be performed as a set or part of a larger cabaret/comedy event. Flossy and Boo have been dropped into the “Real World”, a very strange and confusing place… Join them as they use their hilarious songs to try to negotiate the pitfalls of modern life. Fresh from sell-out shows at Edinburgh Fringe and Glastonbury Festival, the musical comedy duo brings you their 5-star song list for an eccentric evening’s entertainment, this one’s just for the grownups…

Flossy and Boo: Girl Talk – An hour long show in which Flossy and Boo delve into what it is to be female through music, comedy and cabaret style theatre. Flossy and Boo have been told in no uncertain terms that they are in fact, ‘Girls’. But what is a ‘Girl’? And who gets to decide? In this cabaret-style theatre show, Flossy and Boo explore all the intricacies of what it means to be female in the modern world. Girl Talk is filled with music, comedy, and Flossy and Boo’s own curious take on the world around us and the ridiculous life cards we are dealt.

Living Installations – For something really different the duo can take over a section of your venue and transform it into a new world, with activities and interactions from a variety of characters. Come up with your theme and let Flossy and Boo create something magical for you.

Workshops – Experienced workshop facilitators who can deliver activities for a variety of ages and abilities. From creating magical new creatures from recycled materials, to workshops on clowning, puppetry and confidence building, to starting a cardboard revolution. Let the experts create a custom workshop for your event.

Walkabouts – Does your event have a particular theme? Is there a niche that needs filling to add atmosphere and ambience to your venue? Flossy and Boo can create a unique and customised walkabout act for you and your needs.

Various Interactive Shows – Flossy and Boo : Videos | Testimonials | Previous Clients | Book for your event

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Flossy and Boo can create custom shows for you event.

They can perform both indoors and outdoors.

Fun and interactive shows for all ages.

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Here’s what Various Interactive Shows – Flossy and Boo’s clients said:

“Flossy and Boo have been an absolute joy to work with – coming up with amazing original ideas, infusing their work with genuine passion, imagination and personality and really going the extra mile. They created a truly magical world engaging festival audiences young and old in the mystery and charm of their stories and beautiful set. It was so popular, with queues out the gate all day long and offered an escape for festival goers to engage with something new and different. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Flossy and Boo to anyone looking to transform festival corners into immersive theatrical worlds and look forward to seeing what they come up with next!”
– Celine At Green Man Festival

“These women are smart, with enough observational wit and charm to cater for the whole family.”
– Zita Campbell Three Weeks Review

“A Fringe show to ‘dye’ for” (For our Colourful Curiosity shop show).
– The Independent

“If you are looking for something dripping in imagination that will leave a smile on your face and song on your lips make sure you don’t miss Flossy and Boo. An absolute joy! – 5 Stars”
– Chelsey Gillard, Director Arts Scene In Wales

“Great thought is put into each any every part of their work…these two are amazingly skilled that we feel welcome, we feel like friends and smiled at something very different and totally brilliant.”
– Get The Chance Review


Various Interactive Shows – Flossy and Boo’s previous clients:

Glastonbury Green Man Festival
Mac Comedy Festival
Cambridge Folk Festival
Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Simply Theatre in Geneva
Limburg Festival
Beyond The Border
Wales Millennium Centre
Loco Klub Bristol
Also touring to many theatres in the UK

Videos of Flossy and Boo’s Various Interactive Shows

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