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Mind Reader and Magician

N.B is a mind reader, magician, hypnotist and a sideshow artist whose acts are often described as a mix of philosophy & theatrical elements fused with illusion & psychological deception. Mind Reader and Magician – N.B was part of the world-renowned Magic Circle, former resident performer of the world-famous Coney Island Sideshow Circus and has a background in theatre by the Lee Strasberg Institute in NY and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

N.B is an international artist based in London, who has performed in the US, Ireland, the UK, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria & Czech Republic. N.B has appeared on the radio, Portuguese national television performing fluently in English, Portuguese and Spanish. The uniqueness of N.B’s acts stems from the creative process of different performances and unique backgrounds of different performances which culminates in immersive experiences, stage acts and intimate performances. Also involving the audience who become part of the creation, astonishing moments of rarity and synchronicities; the events of meaningful coincidences.

This Mind Reader & Magician tailors’ performances to fit client’s choices for their event. With his own mind-reading show set in Victorian times, N.B shows the history of mind reading and magic, demonstrating stunts that will leave you mesmerized with the possibilities of the human mind.

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N.B was part of the world-renowned Magic Circle

Performed at the world-famous Coney Island Sideshow Circus

Philosophy & theatrical elements fused with illusions & psychological deception.

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Here’s what Mind Reader & Magician – N.B’s clients said:

“N.B’s charm is devilish and his skills are captivating. I’ve watched audiences spellbound by his close-up magic.”
– Dusty Limits (director, singer, writer)

“N.B presented me with an astonishing moment
when he guessed which relative my wife was thinking about.
– Dr Jorge Braga de Macedo ( Director of the Center for Globalization and Finance, Minister of Finance of the XII Government of Portugal)

“A great onstage performance leaving audiences on the edge of their seats mixed
with a charmingly charismatic offstage interactive experience; equaling fantastic value to our event.”
– David Gersch ( GRPresents Productions)

“N.B is a delight to work with, highly professional, polished and mesmerizing.
His acts are unique and engaging and leave every audience wanting more. I will continue to book him again and again.”
– Saph Rox ( Cabaret Agent and Producer )


Mind Reader & Magician – N.B’s previous clients:

Mind Share
Benefit Cosmetics
Crazy Bear Group
Auto Europe (Portugal)
SIC ( Portuguese National Television)
Black Cat Cabaret
Coney Island Sideshow Circus (New York, USA)
Glastonbury Festival

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