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Mentalist – Maximiliano reads the innermost thoughts and emotions, predicting and influencing their decisions and capturing his audiences’ imagination. Maximiliano’s act is a constant invitation to embark on a fascinating journey inside the human mind to discover its hidden potential. This makes for a uniquely engaging and interactive show where audience members are directly involved in the demonstrations. Whether you are looking for exclusive entertainment for your corporate event or a special private celebration, Maximiliano will captivate the guests with incredible mind reading magic and gentle humour.

Originally from France, Maximiliano is an award-­winning performer with a wide experience in cabaret, corporate and private functions. With a background in mentalism, hypnotherapy and education, he has successfully combined all his skills to create a unique form of entertainment engaging audiences into a conversation and sparking a sense of wonderment and curiosity surrounding the power of their own mind.

On Stage Entertainment
A mentalist who will astound your guests, make them laugh and with out a doubt amaze them. Maximiliano’s performance involves direct audience participation, whether they join Maximiliano on stage or remain in their seats, spectators become actors of the show as they participate in collective experiments where extraordinary ability and gentle humour blend with the audience. Mentalist Maximiliano’s psychological entertainment of parlour / stage mind reading show invites you to embark on an entertaining journey inside your mind, exploring the incredible hidden potential.

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Maximiliano has showcased his work at several festivals

An incredible background in the hypnotherapy and mentalism

A mentalist who can unveils what lies in store for your future

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Here’s what Mentalist – Maximiliano’s clients said:

“Maximiliano has a great connection with the audience, I was completely engrossed & lost track of time.
I’m still trying to figure out how you read the word in my mind! Amazing!”
– Sarah B, Economist

“Maximiliano is a highly talented and entertaining performer,
whose relaxed and laid back style is a great foil to his mind reading excellence.”
– John Whycer, Film Maker

“When you think you won’t believe it, you end up believing it.”
– Murielle Danjoux

“Amazing show – Very few gimmicks and max effect! Mind-blowing performance!”
– Pierre Pylypiw – Director – ProLanguageTraining

“Max is a joy to watch! He engages with the audience and wows them again and again.”
– Kieran Jay Johnson – Casting Director – IAM Castings

“Mind-­‐boggling and totally mesmerising!”
– Isobel Gordon – Phobia Expert

“The event was fun and mind-blowing! Interesting to see how mindreading works & definitely a great party or event show!”
– Rosie – Content Creator

“You have to come! It will blow your mind!!!”
– Raymond Rweyemamu – Finance Manager

“He’s a witch – Burn him!”
– Sean Tracey – Developer Advocate

“Very interesting involving show. Highly recommended.”
– Henry Fosdike – Marketing Manager – Sternberg Clarke

“Well worth seeing – Great for a party.”
– Fiona Wright – Coach

“You showed how powerful the mind is. Very impressive skills and you had a really nice manner on stage. Thank you!”
– Rohini Rathour – Coach

“Maximiliano captivated us with his mindreading. His gentle,
approachable style disarmed everyone and got us all in the right frame to relax, be entertained and stunned.”
– Richard Hagen – Publisher – mPowr Publishing

“Extraordinary event – Don’t know how Maximiliano did it, but with such wonderment,
the ‘how’ doesn’t matter! Spectacular through and through!”
Martyn Pentecost – Creative Director – mPowr Publishing

“Very good. Truly awe-inspiring. How does he do it? Very entertaining. Thanks for a good evening entertainment.”
– Gurdeep Rathour – Financial Consultant

“Maximiliano’s show is amazing. He was able to read people’s minds,
take people back to being like a kid and not able to read properly and feel and see things through other people.”
– Sally Lansdale – Osteopath

– Charlotte Vandersleyen – Architect

“Absorbing and mind-­‐boggling show – Truly magical moment!”
– Vinny Piana – Director

“Max is amazing, unbelievable!”
– April Lui – Make-Up Artist

“Prepare for the unexpected!”
– Adna Dahir – HR


Mentalist – Maximiliano’s previous clients:

Toureen Group
Edinburgh Fringe
Brittania Panopticon
Horror Festival

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