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3D Street Artist

3D street artist Filip can create high quality and show stopping 3D street art. The 3D street artwork can be produced directly onto the street right in front of your customer’s eyes. This is a great form of corporate entertainment as it is perfect for bringing attention to a company logo or for a product launch or corporate event.

Standard Length of Performance:
The 3D street artwork will take a minimum of 8 hours.

3D Street Artist – Filip : Technical Specification | Previous Clients | Book for your event

Show stopping 3D art

Perfect for grabbing attention

Produced in front of customers eyes

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Here’s what 3D Street Artist – Filip’s clients said:

The client will need to arrange a fence to secure the area for providing the service and to clean the area prior to painting.

While painting, the content is adjusted to the current conditions on the surface and areas that can be painted: e.g. man holes, gutters, large cracks in the surface, irremovable dross etc.

The 3D illusion of the painting is experienced only by looking at it from a single spot and through lens (mobile phone camera, camera, single lens, video camera).

The client agrees to remove any mechanical damage on the painting area, such as dirt or other severe mechanical damage that would obstruct the painting; in case of precipitation, the client agrees to provide a canopy so that the work might continue; the work can be affected by the amount of precipitation (e.g. excessive rain that spills over the working area despite the covering, thus making work impossible) and temperature gradation for working with facade and concrete paints, according to manufacturer’s instructions.

In case of low temperatures, below 0°C, the work cannot be performed.

The life of paintings is affected by: weather (rain, snow, temperature gradation) and exposure of the painting to mechanical effects, such as heavy machinery, cars, pedestrians, vandalism.


3D Street Artist – Filip’s Previous Clients:

Tourist Board Buzet
Tourist Board Slavonski Brod
Zagrebačka pivovara (Zagreb beer factory)
City Musemu Crikvenica
City Centar One
Avenue Mall
City Museum Virovitica
Coca Cola
Auqa Vivae d.o.o
Jamnica d.d
Val kulutre d.o.o

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