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3D Illusion & Anamorphic Artists

Anamorph create stunning 3d illusions and trompe l’oeil murals. (Trompe l’oeil is French for ‘Fool The Eye’). Anamorph’s illusions are playful, interactive, that dazzle, inspire and amaze. Ordinary pavements and walls are transformed into breathtaking portals to other dimensions. When viewed from the right angle the artworks appear to defy the laws of space and time as creatures appear to emerge from the concrete or you appear to be falling through it.

Anamorphic Artwork
Everyone wants to be part of an Anamorphic artwork. What is Anamorphic art? Anamorphic art is the method of creating a piece with a distorted perspective so the desired image can only be viewed in its full capacity from a certain vantage point. There are two types of anamorphosis; perspective and mirror, with the latter requiring a conical or cylindrical mirror to transform the distorted image into a complete and undistorted image. Often perspective anamorphosis is employed by street artists to create a 3D illusion. Queues of people form to be photographed beside Anamorphic artwork… as if they are balancing perilously on a cliff edge or fighting of dragons! From the correct angle the illusion of an Anamorphic artwork is very convincing.

It’s a great way of attracting attention to your product or brand and creates a real stir on social media. Anamorph work in a variety of media including traditional chalks, washable temporary paint, acrylics, spray paint and durable floor graphics. Adhesive floor graphics are perfect for many sites as they can be walked on safely by thousands of people without damage – whereas with chalk rain and footfall mean that the artwork may only last a few hours. They work indoors or outside.

Using floor stickers Anamorph can create pre-designed artwork to be installed on site or can use blank stickers as a canvas so that the art can be created live on site using durable, weatherproof inks. The durable adhesive floor graphics is a relatively new development in 3d floor illusions. Anamorph work solely with a road sign manufacturer whose graphics have the highest of safety ratings.

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Anamorph artwork can last for months, rather than be washed away in hours – yet can be removed when needed with no mess

Witness ordinary pavements and walls transformed into breathtaking portals to other dimensions

Anamorph can provide computer mock-ups of how the illusion will work on site

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Here’s what Anamorph – Anamorphic Artists’ clients said:

The impact of the artwork is astounding. We now have local taxi drivers taking detours past the artwork so that they can show off the painting to their passengers.
Andy McDougall, Tai Calon

I can’t tell you how much I love these wings!!!! When we’re finished with them I’m 100% taking them home and putting them in my garden! Lol.
Hannah Grist, Marketing Manager, Friars Walk

Thanks for the excellent project you completed on the stairs int Newtown I think it looks amazing. The residents have become quite passionate about the quality of artwork on their ‘patch’!
Christian Hoad, Head4Arts


Anamorph – Anamorphic Artists’ Previous Clients:

Friars Walk Shopping Centre
Kingsway Centre
Caerphilly Big Cheese
Caerphilly County Borough Council
Tai Calon Housing Association
Big Splash Festival
Riverfront Arts Centre
Newport City Coucil
Newport FC

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