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Pavement Advertising

Eko Bio Paint can create eye-catching and detailed adverts on the pavement using an innovative and specially designed biodegradable paint. The bio paint adverts are ideal for raising awareness for corporate events, and are especially suited to driving traffic by directional signage.

The paint is very durable and cannot be removed until they apply the specific removal gel. All of the components of the paint and remover are water based and cause zero harm to the environment. The bio paint adverts can be applied to any hard surface such as concrete or glass, and will leave no marks or damage after removal.

The paint is available in a wide variety of colours and they can recreate brand logos or designs using custom laser cut stencils. Eko have strong links with many shopping centres, exhibition centres and arenas nationwide to implement the adverts on their premises. This ensures you are targeting the right clientèle. They only place the ads on private property or places where permission has been given.

Standard Length of Performance:
The timing completely depends on each design.

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Eye-catching adverts

No marks after removal

Wide variety of colours

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Here’s what Eko Bio Paint’s – Pavement Advertising clients said:

“In the promotional lead-in to Threshold Festival 2013, some of the biggest reactions came from people who saw the Eko Street Ads stencils of our logo. Making our streets look a bit cooler and doing so in an environmentally friendly way. I can’t recommend this company enough.”

Threshold Festival

“A MUST-HAVE in the marketing mix for urban area B2C campaigns! James and his team are slick, quick efficient and most of all offer a great ROMI. In a high-street market place with heavy footfall you will blow-away your competition with this simple-green-graffiti.”

Juice Creative


Eko Bio Paint’s – Pavement Advertising Previous Clients:

American Express
Lexis Nexis
Winning Moves
Tiger Tiger
Baa Bar
University of Liverpool
London South Bank University
Soho Gyms
Asper’s Casino
Mann Island
Bodies Revealed


Eko Bio Paint’s -Pavement Advertising Technical Specification:

Stencils are manufactured at 900mm X 900mm and are fully reusable for future campaigns. Ideally they would like 10 days’ notice for a campaign, however they can turn short notice campaigns around if required.

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