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3D Street Art Advertising

Using their skilled artists Eko 3D can create high quality and show stopping 3D street art. The artwork can be produced directly onto the street right in front of your customer’s eyes or in our studio on canvas, to be rolled out at and stuck down at a desired site or event for instant effect. The artist will then blend the piece in to the surroundings.

They will also setup a camera to capture the thousands of people who interact with the piece over the course of the campaign. People often take photos themselves and upload to social networking sites, which really gives your brand or client massive exposure and a huge ROI.

The beauty of the 3D street art produced on a canvas is that it is reusable and the client gets to keep it to reuse at a later date! The street art is perfect for brand awareness, product launches and store openings with massive amounts of people interacting with and sharing the artwork.

Standard Length of Performance:

The timing completely depends on each design.

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Show stopping 3D art of high quality by skilled artists

Produced right in front of your customers eyes

Art that blends into surroundings

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Here’s what Eko 3D – 3D Advertising clients said:

“In the promotional lead-in to Threshold Festival 2013, some of the biggest reactions came from people who saw the Eko Street Ads stencils of our logo. Making our streets look a bit cooler and doing so in an environmentally friendly way. I can’t recommend this company enough.”

Threshold Festival

“A MUST-HAVE in the marketing mix for urban area B2C campaigns! James and his team are slick, quick efficient and most of all offer a great ROMI. In a high-street market place with heavy footfall you will blow-away your competition with this simple-green-graffiti.”

Juice Creative


Eko 3D – 3D Advertising Previous Clients:

American Express
Lexis Nexis
Winning Moves
Tiger Tiger
Baa Bar
University of Liverpool
London South Bank University
Soho Gyms
Asper’s Casino
Mann Island
Bodies Revealed

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