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Music In A Bubble is an original staging concept – the perfect marriage of music, architecture and light. This breathtaking visual and musical performance is guaranteed to make an impressive statement at events. Be it a corporate event or a private party, the Music In A Bubble performance will leave your guests amazed with their exceptional violin skills.

Easy to set up and strike, The Bubble is suitable for occasions from small corporate functions to large conventions and exhibitions.

Standard Length of Performance:
1 x 45 to 60-minute set.

Technical Requirements:
The Bubble is 3.2 metres high and can only be used in venues with adequate ceiling height (3.4 metres and higher). Roll-in / barrier free access is required for set up, otherwise an extra cost will be incurred to hire additional crew. The flight cases can fit through normal doors. Flight case sizes are: Height 175cm, Width 75cm, Length 160cm.

The performance area needs to be protected from direct sunlight, wind and/or rain. The Bubble can be used indoors or a guaranteed wind-free space outdoors.
The artist must be pre-set (ie: be in The Bubble as the guests arrive. We recommend that The Bubble is set up in the centre of a room in order to maximize the visual impact.

Please include a stage of 2 metres square for uneven or grassy surfaces. We suggest using staging also for large events with over 300 guests.

The Bubble looks best in a dark space due to its built-in lighting. Additional lighting is not required. The Bubble is removed immediately after the performance.

The Bubble requires min 1.5 hours for set up and can only be set up on the day of the event (max 3 hours before the performance). The Bubble requires a clean, flat set up and strike area of 3 metres square at a location.

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Breathtaking visual and musical performance

Guaranteed to make an impression

Will leave guests amazed

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