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Indian: Dynamite Dholis – Dhol Musicians | UK

Dynamite Dholis use the loud, thunderous, urban and explosive sounds of the Dhol players to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. Their Dhol drummers are captivating, spirited and dynamic and are ideal for any event.

With choice of costume from full traditional Indian dress to modern contemporary outfits, Dynamite Dholis can be used for weddings, parties, shows, corporate and charity events all the way to promotion events and everything in between. The unique sounds of the Dynamite Dholis will be un-missable and will leave your audience mesmorised!

Acts Available Include:

Dynamite BandBaja

Dhol players, chimta players, snare drum players, live singers and bagpipers. This compliments the Dynamite Dholis and is ideal for weddings and celebrations.

Set lengths are between 20-30 minutes.

Dynamite DholBlast

Up to 6 Dholis and 6 bhangra dancers. This live show uses the latest bhangra and bollywood beats mixed with urban and explosive sounds of the Dhol players together with live dancers, creating true magic on stage.

Set lengths are 15-25 minutes, and can either be performed twice or can do 2 tailor made sets as required.

Dynamite Dholis with Live Band

Several Dholis, guitarist, keyboards, drums, chimta, bagpipers and live singers. Here they re-produce world music sounds, bhangra, and fuse western beats to together. It’s electrifying, it’s explosive and it’s all live!

Set lengths are 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Dynamite DJ Roadshow

Full audio and visuals set-up including light shows, DJs, hosts and full sound systems and music collection.


“You were really professional and your passion of playing was second to none.”
– Private Client

“I have never seen anything as wonderful, colourful and uplifting before.”
– Private Client

“Your dhol players provided an excellent service on the day. They captured the mood perfectly and helped the ceremony come alive. I have nothing but praise for the two gentleman.”
– Private Client

“What an excellent 3 days. The outfits and performance was outstanding. The gentlemen worked well and sounded great! “
– White Rose

“Fantastic! The shopping centre loved it as they played quietly. Really drew a massive crowd!”
– Trafford Centre

Previous Clients Include:

White Rose
Trafford Centre
Tatton Park
Danny Boyle
Liverpool European Capital of Culture Finale Celebrations
Mayor of London
Manchester International Arts
Arts Council England
Amnesty International
South Asian Supermodel Model Launch Event
Uncle Ben’s
Water Aid
V Inspired

Photos of Dynamite Dholis