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Batak Pro – Competitive Game | UK

Batak Pro is a piece of equipment specifically designed to improve reaction, hand eye co-ordination and stamina.

Twelve visually bright LED cluster targets are numbered and arranged in a maximum stretch type configuration and put under the control of a dedicated microcomputer. The targets may be lit up in either random or repetitive ways.

Hits and misses are timed and scored on a central LCD display and verbal instructions are issued to the participating Player during the exercise as appropriate..(e.g. “Get Ready”…”Go”…”Level one”…”Time Out”…etc.) The small space requirements make the Batak Pro ideal for corporate sales incentives, exhibitions, parties, executive challenges and perfect for fund raising events.

Games Available Include:

Senior Accumulator: This game last 1 minute, as soon as the target is struck the next target lights up. A score of 70 to 80 is achievable (world record is 114 hits held be F1 driver Jensen Button)

50 Timed Targets: 50 timed targets are illuminated at randon, Targets remain on for 1 second, if you strike the wrong target the game speeds up.

50 Target Race: Strike 50 targets at random as quickly as possible. Time allowed 100 seconds before clock runs out. (Timer records times to a tenth of a second, therefore very unlikely for 2 people to record the same score, therefore creating a clear winner)

Junior Accumulator: Same as Senior game except top 2 lights are not in play, therefore allowing younger children to play.

Also can be used to teach basic maths. Batak Pro does simply additions and 2 to 9 times. Tables a great learning tool.

Space requirements 2.1m x 1m x 2m High


"It all went really well, thanks. The Batak Pro was by far the most popular, everyone loved it."
- More Please Ltd (via Contraband)

Photos of Batak Pro