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Liberté Aerials – Aerial Hoop & Ballet Act

The ‘Liberté’ stage act is a unique combination of ballet and aerial hoop performance. Taking ballet to new heights, audiences will experience the elegance of classical ballet techniques gracefully combined with the strength and artistry of a gymnast. Within the spinning platform of the aerial hoop, the ‘Liberté’ act will amaze audiences of all kinds with its innovation and excitement. This act is available to hire for corporate parties, balls, product launch parties, film premieres, anniversaries and weddings.

Created to suit a wide variety of settings, the ‘Liberté’ aerial act can be adapted to suit your specific event or show. The flying ballerina can perform in a range of bespoke costumes and with a selection of differing music choices to compliment your event.

The act comes as a self-contained product – the hoop, rigging and costumes have all been specially designed and prepared to be safely installed in the desired setting. The height of the act is dependent on the venue. The performer can rig various options dependant on requirement, including simple ceiling point attachment fixture or, for larger scale, a complete truss and working motor to take the hoop to further heights.

As a trained and professional dancer and model, the ‘Liberté’ performer can also provide meet and greet opportunities.

An exciting further option is to have ‘Liberté’ ambience bookings added to your event! The aerial ballerina can perform sets of up to 20 minutes of poses and continuous movement on her hoop above the crowd! Perfect for between speeches, meal courses, or show acts.
For an experience of elegance, dance and excitement like no other, book our beautiful ballerina of the skies!

Photos of Liberte Aerials