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Mermaidens – Free Standing Aerial Hoop | UK


The Mermaidens are sublime sirens from the depths of the ocean. With matted hair of glittering blue locks, shimmering scales and frolicking fish tails, these spirits from the sea will enchant and amaze. This aerial hoop act is available as a solo or duet and is perfect for corporate events, award ceremonies, nautical themed events or private functions.

See this stunning mythical creature duck and dive between a net of ropes. As she floats in her watery home this seductive siren performs astonishing feats of aerial acrobatics. Her tails is covered with gems, glittering scales and mother of pearl. Her hair glows and twinkles with light. A goddess from the deep she will impress and charm you, but don’t get too close!

Performed on a free-standing rig suitable for indoors or outdoors. The act is also available as a hang about character and duet. The headdresses contain LED and fibre optic lights.

Previous Clients Include:

Streets of Brighton
Traquair Fair
Bradford Markets Festival
Gevleugelde Stad, Belguim
Corporate Events
Metro Centre opening
National Museum of Film and Photography
Indoor Venues
The Square Chapel Arts Centre
Circus Ricardo’s
Alhambra Theatre
Millennium Forum

Photos of Mermaidens