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Contraband’s In House 3D Mapping Team

Contraband’s in house 3D mapping team provides audio visual shows and video mapping services for all kinds of events. There is a huge repertoire of themed visuals that allow entire environments or stages to be transformed alongside the evening’s schedule. If you would like to hire a 3D Mapping Team for corporate entertainment, our in-house 3D mapping team is the best in the business!

Contraband’s in house 3D mapping team have a long history of working with musicians, DJs and other acts; they also have the firepower and know how to link changes in the music to the ornate or bombastic displays created specifically for the night.

For large-scale projection onto buildings, or other public displays, the team use a raft of excellent animators and illustrators which have specific skills relating to this kind of work.

Recent clients and partners have included private bookings for University functions, through to large multinational companies which have wanted to make a real splash through projection or LED surfaces.

With each of these kinds of productions, they are developing relevant and well -designed content which supports the large-scale or the tightest creative brief.

This focus on production and design comes from their team’s history in film visual effects and animation production, which in turn supports their great ability to collaborate with musicians and other creative’s supporting each contract.

With an appropriate lead-time, amazing things can be achieved with collaborative work alongside a particular music artist, or stage based act. Interactive designs that react to dancers or other instruments onstage are a particular specialty for Contraband’s in house 3D mapping team, and can be used to great effect for a live audience.

Whether you require high-end 3D video mapping, or simply a more delicate approach for a small venue, feel free to ask for a site survey or visit from one of the directors to explore the potential!

Photos of Contraband’s In House 3D Mapping