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Step into another world with the magical selfie mirror, this amazing installation allows users to see their reflection in its full glory as they pose for the camera. The selfie mirror makes having your photo taken a fully interactive and enjoyable experience. The camera is placed behind mirrored glass that also doubles as a touch screen, if you book the selfie mirror you will have fabulous décor and a photo booth all in one! Your guests will be fighting for a chance to use the selfie mirror, and with a completely customised user experience built in to guide them through the process it means you can just leave them to it. There is also the option for a range of branding, both on the mirror and the finished results, meaning that when your guests share their pictures online they will be promoting your brand at the same time.

– Backdrops: For a truly special image you can choose an attractive backdrop to make it stand out or even as another way to add effective branding by adding the company logo.
– Branded Prints: The final prints of the photos can be completely customised with your brand, messages or choice of graphics to suit a particular theme.

Selfie Mirror Types
There are five different types of selfie mirror photo booths to choose from, whether you are after a glamorous and sleek look or more of a vintage style, there is something for everyone:
– Mirror Me: A classic, attractive mirror with an ornate gold frame, it will make users feel like they are in the lap of luxury. You can also choose how you would like to customise the screen with animations, stamps, filters and much more available.

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The selfie mirror makes having your photo taken a fully interactive and enjoyable experience

Also have the chance to add your brand to the mirror, promoting it as guests share their pictures online

Five different types of selfie mirrors to choose from!

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