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In-Store Fashion Customisation Service

Looking for retail promotion ideas or in-store marketing ideas? Make your event extra special with in-store customisation. Hand & Lock Embroidery Atelier’s dedicated embroidery pop-up team can deliver a customised experience your guests will love and treasure. Hand & Lock have over 250 years experience embroidering, embellishing and monogramming garments for The Royal Family, The Military, prestigious Fashion Houses…

Within your store or chosen location your guests can watch as their purchases are given a special finishing touch by one of Hand & Lock’s highly skilled embroiderers. Hand & Lock Embroidery Atelier will advise you what services could work best for your event and can tailor their unique in-store services to suit your needs.

The highly creative Hand & Lock team offer a choice of: Machine Embroidery, Hand Embroidery, Embossing, Denim Ripping and Studding, In-store Customisation Pop-ups and Customisation Workshops

Machine Embroidery
Choosing machine embroidery can mean your customers can have larger designs on their pieces without a long wait. With machine embroidery you can choose between the hand guided ‘Irish machine’ or the digital Brother machine:

  • Hand guided embroidery is ideal for slogans or names in large joined-up script fonts.
  • Digital is ideal for multicoloured logos, patches, badges and emojis.

Hand Embroidery
With hand embroidered monograms they offer 23 different fonts, sizes and monogram styles to choose from. It is possible to have an exclusive bespoke font designed especially for your event. A single letter can take up to 30 minutes to complete so your event may require more than one embroiderer.

Whilst Hand & Locks digital machine embroidery and hand embroidery is great on soft fabrics and most garments, leather accessories need another technique of customisation. The embossing machine allows leather accesories such as luggage tags, note books, make up bags and more to be customised with a Times new roman font and the choice of 10 coloured foils. This process is very quick and means the customer hardly has to wait for their item to be customised right before their eyes.

Denim ripping and studding
Following the current trends within denim, Hand & Lock offer a bespoke denim ripping and studding event service. This works well for any denim brand where the customer can buy or bring along their jeans, jackets, shorts ect and we can customise these in the way they would like, subtly ripped or studded to their hearts content. We can also make jeans into shorts and jackets into gilets all with raw ripped edges.

In-store Customisation Pop-ups
Shoppers are now used to seeing pop-up personalisation and customisation in stores. Hand & Lock Embroidery Atelier have had customisation pop-ups in stores as diverse as Barbour, Stella Mccartney, Selfridges and Topshop. An in-store embroidery pop-up provides your customers with an opportunity to engage and experience the fashion manufacturing process. A skilled embroiderer working in store demonstrates your brand’s commitment to British craftsmanship, an increasingly important factor affecting the buying behaviour of British shoppers. Brands using a bespoke in-store customisatoin pop-up, secure increased press coverage, improved sales, better customer retention and guaranteed word of mouth.

Hand & Lock’s friendly embroidery staff will act as ambassadors for your brand and make sure your guests receive a premium experience every time. They can advise what would be best for each customer, whether that is a simple monogram or a heavily studded leather or denim jacket.

Let them do the heavy lifting while you focus on other things. Hand & Lock Embroidery Atelier supply all embroidery materials, necessary equipment, PAC tested and approved machinery, staff and any necessary training for your sales team.

Customisation Workshops
As well as producing embroidery on site in front of the customers eyes, the Hand & Lock team can also teach guests how to customise their items themselves. Customisation Workshops can vary but always will be an embroidery technique done by hand. An example would be a workshop we ran with Hush. Guests came to the Hush pop up shop with their vintage denim, where they found us there to teach them how to rip stud and patch up their denim! Workshops don’t always need to be restricted to denim customisation. A Customisation Workshops we recently ran with Pinterest and guests had Hand & Lock teaching them how to hand monogram with chain stitch and sew down a selection of their own fabric patches. The embroiderers are not limited to the services they can provide for a workshop so let us know if you have any ideas and we can be sure to fulfill your event dreams for you!

Previous Clients
Hand & Lock have worked on highly successful experiential marketing, retail promotion and in-store marketing campaigns for e.g. D&G, Harrods, Ralph Lauren, Selfridges, Stella McCartney, Topshop… Hand & Lock Embroidery Atelier is the perfect in-store custom embroidery service for your retail promotion or in-store marketing campaign.

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Hand & Lock’s dedicated embroidery pop-up team can deliver an experience your guests will love and remember

Can offer a choice of hand guided or digital embroidery, but can also provide bespoke patches, studding and more

Offer your guests a unique custom service by associate your brand with British craftsmanship

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Here’s what Hand & Lock Embroidery Atelier ‘s clients said about their In-Store Customisation Services:

Thank you too for such a great event, you were a huge hit with all the guests!
Senior Press Officer, Next

All great feedback! Thanks for coming!
Assistant to Fashion Buying Director, John Lewis

We loved having the embroiderer here, it was a lovely addition to the event!
Liberty London

The personalised Bretons were a huge success!
Fat Face


Previous Clients of Hand & Lock Embroidery Atelier – BIn-Store Customisation Pop-up Service:

Ralph Lauren
Stella McCartney
True Religion

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