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Johnny – Jester | UK


Strewth, Gazooks! Make space for the crusading clown of chaos and marvel at this medieval madman.

Sniggering while hammering a six inch nail into his sinus cavity, wiping away the tears of ecstasy while a publicly appointed assistant drops a 12 inch kitchen knife onto his bare belly.

Giggling while galloping barefoot on glass, making light while laying on deadly bed of nails with the weight of 100 kilo volunteer stands upon him, he laughs in the face of danger.

Previous Clients Include:

Ipa Productions
Accion Calle Zaragoza
Lost Vagueness
Fusion Festival
The Uncredible Paca
Circus Archaos
Mutoid Waste
Big Chill Festival
Continental Drifts Productions
Le Couer Rouge Productions

Photos of Johnny