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Stilt Walking Characters

The Predator costume stilt walkers specialise in interactive performance to make your event a memorable one. They are available to hire for corporate parties, balls, product launch parties, film premieres, anniversaries and weddings.

They adapt their performances to be suitable for all ages and clients. They can be comical, fun and scary!

Technical Requirements:

Suitable changing room for stilt walkers with high table to get up on or a chair on a table can be used to get up. Also suitable space on table to be able to reach all the costume accessories once up on stilts. Long mirror is also useful.

Standard Length Of Performance:
3 x 45 mins

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Entertainment suitable for all ages

Comical, fun and scary!

Will make your event a memorable one

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Predators – Stilt Walking Characters’s Previous Clients:

The Olympics London
Shakespeares Globe Theatre
Henley Festival
Birmingham NEC
Kerrang Weekender
Sci Fi Ball
Glastonbury Festival
Wembly Stadium
Alton Towers
London Boat Show

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