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Austere, dignified and very regal, The Satyrs are half human, half goat characters. Their bodies are painted gold and they have manes of long white hair, and thick, white fur covered haunches. These furtive characters are both cheeky and flirtatious, and with feathers at the ready, they will tickle, cajole and tempt any passers by. On the power skip stilts, these three dynamic performers can also leap over each other, pirouette and jump up to six feet in height. You will never have seen anything of their like before! Not to be mythed!

Standard Length of Performance:

The performers do 3 x 30 minutes or 2 x 45 minutes walkabout sets.

Satyrs – Stilt Walking Characters : Videos | Previous Clients | Book for your event

Cheeky and flirtatious characters

A unique act never seen before

These stilt walkers pirouette and jump up to six feet in height

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Satyrs – Stilt Walking Characters’s Previous Clients :

Stella McCartney launch
Valentino Perfume Launch
Delhi Car Exhibition
Ericsson Launch
BMP, Royal Courts of Justice
Carl Zeiss
Platinum Technology
Virgin Eurostar
Mobil & BP Merge Conference
Warner Brothers
Ovafest 50
Jaguar S-type Launch
Peugeot 307 Launch
London Fashion Week Awards
ARK Charity Ball
Buckingham Palace
The Beckham’s

Video of Satyrs – Stilt Walking Characters

Book Satyrs – Stilt Walking Characters

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