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Mirrored Walkabout Characters

Mask Attack are a perfect way to bring joy to your guests, do meet and greets, take photos and even dance with your guests! With three awesome walkabout acts to choose from, you can find the best walkabout act for your event.

Crystal Wild – six walkabout mirrored mythical creatures – Owl, Fox, Cat, Rabbit, Ram and Bull
Would you like to experience something dazzling and amazing from Mask Attack?
Then Crystal Wild is the right choice for you. These six walkabout mythical creatures were born deep in crystal mines. Crystal wild are hybrid creatures (human bodies with mythical creatures heads) They are guaranteed to surprise everyone. They will shock visitors with their superb dance and movement skills.

A combination of the silver and gold costumes gives the mythical creatures a luxurious look, stealing the attention of every guest. Perfect for any kind of event, they can roam around guest, take pictures with guests and they can dance! The Crystal Wind consist of four female characters: Owl, Fox, Cat, Rabbit and two males’ characters: A Ram and Bull.

Mech Wings – two walkabout robotic birds – owl and an eagle
If you want to enjoy the ultimate fun day, Mask Attack can make this happen. You will be pleased when the Mech Wings show up at your event. Two robotic “birds” managed to escape from the laboratory of a crazy but incompetent and harmless scientist. These two robotic birds called Unit 1 & Unit 2 are now wandering around the world and not staying trapped in the lab as unsuccessful inventions. Although they may appear as a dangerous pair at first glance, you will come to find that they are just the same as their creator – inept, clumsy and harmless. They are all scratched up and worn out from travelling all over the world. Do you want them to visit you?

Mask Attack’s two cool walkabout robotic birds are awesome stilt walkers comprising an owl and an eagle with a unique stilt design. They have their own sound system imitating robotic sounds but can adapt to your needs. The Mech Wing birds are lit with led lights, so you won’t have to worry about evening events!

Racing Winners – three walkabout mirrored racing drivers
Are you a sports fan? Do you always want your favorite to win?
In that case The Racing Drivers are the best pick for you. The racing uniforms and helmets dazzle and light up your event. Mask Attack’s cool trio are Gold, silver and bronze racing drivers who characterise the first three places of any motorsport competition with their mirrored costumes. Each racing driver holds a trophy which can be held by guests, guests can take pictures with them, dance and roam with them. The Racing Drivers come to life and are sure to catch everyone’s attention. On request any trophy replica can be made to fit your event perfectly.

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The Mech Wings are an incredible 2.5m high

LED lights and sound systems on each character

The perfect walkabout acts that will wow your guests

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