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Various Stilt Walkers

The company was founded in 1996 and since that time has worked at a diverse range of events in the UK and abroad.

They offer a wide range of high impact and beautifully choreographed circus acts for any occasion, from interactive characters on stilts to classical ballet with fire, living statues and costumed story tellers to high-kicking dancing girls with gymnastic ribbons.

They also offer a professional bespoke service, creating costume, character and choreography to fit any theme, space or budget

With no need for a stage, Divine’s high impact and versatile stilt characters can roam about almost any setting. Interacting with guests, and providing maximum coverage and visibility. From the elegant and masterful London Stilt Ballet to the mighty 10 foot tall Powdered Wigs, Divine has an extensive range of beautifully designed and performed characters. Their stilt characters create an exciting atmosphere, add movement and colour, serve as an icebreaker, greet and guide guests, and provide an exquisite backdrop to animate the space.

Standard Length of Performance:
Stilt Shows: Solo – 4 mins; Duet – 5 mins; 3+ artists – 10-20 mins

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High impact and beautifully choreographed circus acts

Create an exciting atmosphere, adding movement and colour

Provide an exquisite backdrop to animate the space

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Here’s what Divine – Various Stilt Walkers’s clients said:

“The Arcadian stiltwalkers were really good, outfits were perfect, really lovely ladies too! Really great to work with them.”

Cancer Research UK

“I wanted to write you a quick email and say a MASSIVE THANKS for helping me out with the Ballerina Stilt Walkers!! They were fabulous, and they made a great impact!”

The Ultimate Event Company

“The Surrealest moment in my programming life was seeing the spontaneous arrival of the Ballerinas on stage, it felt like a Fat Boy Slim, Divine were perfection!”

Continental Drifts

“The delightful performers from Divine Company brought fun and pizzazz to the Born Free Foundation’s gala charity ball in Battersea, and helped our event to really stand out. Guests loved being greeted by gorgeous nine-foot geishas, and were enchanted by the mesmerising dancing snow fairies. Thank you Divine Company!”

Born Free Foundation

“During the years that I have known and used Divine, they have constantly gained fantastic reviews and produced a consistently high level of performance. They are a pleasure to work with!”

Contraband International Ltd

“I felt so guilty! I was supposed to be working but i just couldnt take my eyes off of the Optioscopes, you were absolutely beautiful all night.”

The British Museum

“Youre so professional its a joy!!”

Calmer Karma Ltd

“My what a show! We were entranced by your glorious Technicolour Bathers. Quite irresistible. So pretty and vivacious. You mesmerized our guests! An abiding memory of a magical day. Gorgeous!”

Private Client

“All the acts were great and went down really well! The girls were great and braved the cold weather to welcome guests and looked fantastic…”

Upstage Communications Ltd (via Contraband)

“…Everything went really well thanks, all the performers were really good, on time and went down really well with the public!…They all took care of themselves and their time slots which was so helpful. Thank you so much for all your help, youre so easy and helpful to work with!…”

William Martin Productions (via Contraband)

“Just a quick email to thank you for all your help organising the stilt walkers..they were fantastic….they looked stunning and people are still talking about them now. Thank you again.”

Chatfields Jewellers Ltd (via Contraband)

“…The stiltwalkers were fabulous! Very well received. It looked like they hadn’t seen anything like it before. As the girls will probably tell you – they didn’t get very far on their walkabouts due to people stopping and asking for photos! The girls are absolutely adorable and looked so good…A job well done and please pass on my sincere thanks to them all.”

Farnborough International Ltd (via Contraband)


Divine – Various Stilt Walkers’s Acts Available:

The London Stilt Ballet White & Black Swans:

Discover the grace, elegance and elevation of the London Stilt Ballet. Alternatively witness the ballerinas inflict classical master classes on innocent bystanders. This act can perform as a fully choreographed stage show or a simple wandering performance. There are 7 ballerinas available in total, the tutus can be fitted with a miniature sounds system to transmit music for choreographed walkabout and there is also the option of ultra bright sparkling LED’s (for white swans) or sparkling pea lights (for black swans).

The Queen of Hearts:

Stunning, stilted and powdered wigged, the dress is seriously ornate, the Monarch, seriously irate. This sovereign can be joined by the Queen of Diamonds, Clubs and Spades for a highly unusual royal gathering.

Carnival Girl:

Slide into a samba with the exuberant, vivacious, Divine Carnival Girl, a Rio firecracker guaranteed to raise the heat of every fiesta. This is a wandering performance, with 4 costumes available. The costumes can be fitted with ultra bright sparkling LED’s if required.

The Electric Showgirls:

Divine presents The Electric Showgirls; sensational, sassy, and unforgettable. Dazzling in feathers, silk and sequins, these Art Deco Showgirls add a colossal dose of fizz and sparkle to any event. Each costume is adorned with over seventy lights, to fabulous Vegas effect! This is a wandering performance, and there are 4 costumes available. Costumes can be fitted with optional miniature sounds system to transmit themed music and tails and head-dresses are fitted with bright sparkling lights.

Powdered Wigs:

Period drama! Divine nine-foot courtesans in powdered wigs, exquisite corsets and vast crinoline skirts. Lovingly hand created with detailing sourced from around the world; sumptuous hand beaded ribbon, fine lace, pearls and crystals, ornate fabrics and exceptionally beautiful hand held masks. Meet the ladies as they come down from their ivory tower to mix with the common folk. This is a wandering performance with 4 fabulous characters available. The ladies bustles can be fitted with miniature sound system to transmit themed music and amusing sound effects.

Grecian Angels:

Gather together for a visitation from the heavenly, divine, and utterly sublime Grecian Angels. A group of six deities are waiting to grace your occasion. This is a wandering performance and there are 6 Grecian Angels available in total. Angels can be fitted with a miniature sound system to transmit themed music, and their halo is fitted with ultra bright sparkling LED’s.


The perfect accompaniment to our Geisha and Oriental collection.

The Nine Foot Geisha Girls:

Introducing the exquisite, Divine, Nine Foot Geisha Girls. These ornate and courteous characters interact with the audience or perform delicately choreographed dance in unison. Also available as floor characters, for ribbon or flag dance or fire performance.

Devils Fire:

Red hot and wickedly funny walkabout from the inferno. See you in hell.

Detectives and Spies:

Comedy walkabout from twelve totally incompetent detectives. Sneakin’ about, passing the briefcase, casing the joint and whispering code words to random passers by. At nine foot tall, terribly glamorous, highly talkative and easily out foxed, they are hopeless at going under cover but always highly entertaining. Also available as spies in a range of nationalities.

Lady Catherine of Kent and Fifi the Poodle:

An exceedingly interactive comedy walkabout. From poodle parlor to party, Lady Catherine and her pedigree pooch make a huge impression wherever they go.

Cowgirl Stilts:

Three southern belles fresh from the ranch and rodeo. These Pistol packin Mary-Janes will get your hoe-down going with a bang.

Regardez Mimi le Pussycat:

Svelte, well groomed and deliciously charming, Mimi makes friends wherever she goes.

Lady Catherine of Kent and her Invincible Hospitality:

Introducing the dizzy heights of Lady Catherine of Kent, a colossal bastion of charm and etiquette.
Queen of the canapé, mistress of mingling, Lady Catherine is guaranteed to break the ice and makes a gushingly fabulous addition to any event.

Big Star:

(Never too rich, never too blonde) Roll out the red carpet for comical walkabout on a grand scale! For this Hollywood bombshell, all the worlds a stage.
Big Star’s dramatic antics can be accompanied by an orchestral score emanating from her clutch bag.


Introducing the Divine Retro Rabbits! Deeply adorable walkabout for literally any event. These classic characters serve a multitude of roles, from mischievous meet and greet, Easter egg distribution, serving drinks and snacks to whipping up a dance floor fever with your guests. A hilarious, warm and highly interactive experience!

Hello Sailorettes:

Anchors away with the delightful Hello Sailorettes! Ship shape and Bristol fashion.
Just what the ship’s doctor ordered for maritime themed events, and audiences of all ages.

The Clockwork Ballerinas:

An enchanting walkabout act, The Ballerinas, complete with with jewel encrusted golden keys can be fitted with lights and speakers to play magical jewelry box melodies from their tutus.
The Mechanical Ballet is a 10 minute staged piece set to a classical soundtrack.

The Ice queen of Tyrantine:

A beautiful, luxurious winter wonderland character in crystals, chiffon and faux furs, adorned with sparkling lights and a twinkle in her eye!

The Tennis Set:

Grand slam performance from Divine Company. Partial to Pimms, The Tennis Set makes a lovely addition to any lawn.

Arcadians- Half Light:

Divine Company’s utopian vision. Six radiant characters dressed in the simplest white chiffon, silk and plaited gold, and glowing with shimmering light. These heavenly creatures look incredible under all light conditions, and make a truly memorable, breathtakingly beautiful addition to any event.

Arcadians- Silhouette:

Divine Company’s utopian vision. Six radiant characters dressed in the simplest white chiffon, silk and plaited gold, and glowing with shimmering light. These heavenly creatures look incredible under all light conditions. Memorable and breathtakingly beautiful.

Arcadians- Natural Light:

Divine Company’s utopian vision. Six radiant characters dressed in the simplest white chiffon, silk and plaited gold, with the added option of internal lighting for mid to low light conditions. These heavenly creatures look incredible under all light conditions, and make a memorable, beautiful addition to any event.
Perfect for garden parties and other elegant gatherings, from day through to evening.


Divine – Various Stilt Walkers ‘s previous clients:

Buckingham Palace
The Hong Kong Style Awards
Mumbai Childrens Festival
British Home Stores
The Olympics Committee
Channel 4
The Indian High Commission
Howden India
The Victoria and Albert Museum
Glastonbury Festival
Canary Wharf
Barclays Bank
Commonwealth Film Festival
Alton Towers
Farnborough Air Show
The Australian High Commission
The Mayor of London
The Born Free Foundation
China White
John Lewis
Somerset House
The Millennium Dome

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