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Cocktail Fountain

A pineapple-topped Georgian-style ever-flowing cocktail fountain of delicious tipsiness, you say? Oh my, this Cocktail Fountain will make you so tipsy you will feel like the Lord and Lady of your very own alcoholic wonderland.

Strawberry daiquiri, passion fruit martini, a Cocktail Fountain of mojitos… this Cocktail Fountain can be filled with pretty much anything you like – and you can just keep on drinking.

Sit back and relax while everything is run for you. All the Cocktail Fountain requires from the venue is power and it can be set up and ready roll in 60 minutes. Tipsy Time.

Example flavours of the Cocktail Fountain: Mojito, Pina Colada, Passion Fruit Martini, Strawberry Daiquiri

The Drunken Fountain – Cocktail Fountain: Videos | Book for your event

Let the fountain serve all your guests’ drinks

Can be filled with any cocktail imaginable

Simple and quick to set up

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