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Whips is a London based creative / quirky caterer who consistently delivers sensory awe and wonders at every service. Their creative catering team are specialists in creating inspiring food and drink services for experiential marketing activations and exclusive private functions. Whips have worked with global brands to develop interactive event food & drink installations, ready to hire collection; products and services specifically designed to be quickly and seamlessly integrated into any venue or event space.

The Creative Caterers offer the following:

Dragon Breath Popcorn
This is a spectacular part of Whips’ liquid nitrogen family of products. They create freshly popped popcorn onsite and poach it in liquid nitrogen to create a dazzling and memorable effect. Here’s some insider information for you – it makes an ideal topping for their Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream stations!

Nitro Cold Brew
All the craft of pouring a Guinness, combined with all the convenience of a Costa, combine coffee with nitrogen gas to create a super-smooth, cold brew coffee that’s a joy to watch being created. The nitrogen also helps extract the flavours, adding a smooth, creamy head in the process.

The Alchemist Bar
The latest addition to Whips’ event-ready services, The Alchemist bar allows your guests to experience flavours/cocktails in a way they’ve never tasted before. Sure, to create a long-lasting impression, Whips’ flavour development team can create a bespoke flavour for your event that will stun your guests.

Bespoke and Themed Mobile Bars
Using the freshest ingredients and daring flavours Whips’ mixologists push the boundaries, providing a taste experience that goes way beyond the norm. Their vaporised alcoholic drinks, foaming and smoking cocktails will have your guests marvelling and wanting to try them all. Their ready-to-hire cocktail bars also come in a huge array of designs, sizes and configurations to suit your needs.

Canape / Sampling Usherettes/ Ushers
Whips have created an ingenious serving tray that allows your product to float on a captivating cloud of vapour. With built-in lighting and sound effects, the usherettes will make sure to pique your guest’s interest. Once the vapour clears, you can serve up ice cream, champagne, cocktails or a product of your choice.

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The creative team can develop bespoke flavours.

Highest quality of ingredients used.

Liquid Nitrogen used to captivate guests.

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Here’s what Creative Caterers – Whips’ clients said:

“Their work is creative, professional, committed and delivered with passion.”
– Kraken UK

“The guys made a fantastic impression at my client’s event.”
– Planned 2 Perfection

“They really took the time to understand our brand and focused on the objectives, to deliver campaigns which were immersive, memorable and successful.”
– Proximo Spirits UK


Creative Caterers – Whips’ previous clients:

Jose Crauvo

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