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Edible Balloons

Introducing the world’s first Edible Balloons. Eat these floating wonders quickly and your voice will go high and squeaky!

The Balloon Factory’s edible balloons are inflated with helium and served on a tasty edible string; take a bite and enjoy the delicious flavour, embracing the squeaky voice that follows. The entire balloon is edible and are vegan friendly.

This has got to be the ultimate party addition, perfect for product launches, store openings, parties and celebrations. The Balloon Factory have a range of flavours available from apple pie, chocolate cookie and more. This will be the most delicious balloon you will have ever eaten. The Balloon Factory also offer a custom development service allowing you to create any flavour you want – cheese and pickle balloons anyone?

You can use The Balloon Factory’s bespoke branding service to transform your machine into a beautiful branded beast. All that’s needed to operate is power and a room full of awesome balloon-hungry people.

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First ever Edible Balloon Factory

A balloon that is 100% edible, filled with helium

Endless flavours to choose from & create your very own!

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Edible Balloons – The Balloon Factory’s previous clients:

Coca Cola
Just Eat

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