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Tommy is one of the world’s leading Sports Entertainers. He has pioneered a new concept inspired from old circus juggling acts and the latest fashions in sport. During Tommy’s live act you will see him juggle, spin, dribble and body roll 3 regulation size basketballs as well as other 1 and 2 ball trickery.In addition, Tommy is a highly skilled football and basketball juggler – juggling, spinning and rolling 1, 2 and 3 footballs!

Basketball Juggling Act:
Tommy found his passion for basketball tricks in childhood and has been practicing ever since. He continues to dedicate 30 hours a week to his craft with no end in sight. His life long dedication means that he is ready and energized to perform at any time. The unique nature of his material makes him an original and sets him apart from other sport related entertainment.

Tommy’s World Record Achievements:
– Riding on the great success of last year’s NBA event, Tommy was invited to perform once again at the NBA Jam Session 2009, this year based at the Convention Centre, Phoenix, Arizona. The Jam Session visits a different US city each year for the main NBA All-Star Weekend event, when the top professional basketball players in the USA play exhibition games broadcast on TV worldwide. As part of the entertainment for the visiting fans the NBA Jam Session hosts a Guinness World Records event, with gifted individuals like Tommy selected to set new world records and attempt to break existing ones.

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Tommy is one of the world’s leading Sports Entertainers

He is also a football juggler

Tommy has a few world records to his name

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Here’s what Tommy – Basketball Freestyler’s clients said:

Tommy the basketball trickster was really good too, the kids really liked him and he encouraged them to do some tricks too.


Tommy – Basketball Freestyler’s Previous Clients:

NBA (National Basketball Association)
Extreme Sports TV
Harlem Globetrotters

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