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Sword Swallower

Welcome into the macabre and strange world of The Gentleman Freak. This sword Swallower learnt his skills across the sea in Pennsylvania and Salem but honed his devilish ways in the burlesque clubs and sideshow tents of Europe, where crowds were shaken by a show that has more thrills than his shirts. Are you ready to see an act that’s hard to swallow but will leave you questioning if it’s even possible? Grab your seats, get a front row view for The Sword Swallower – The Gentleman Freak Sideshow.

Are you after entertainment that will excite and make clients remember your event? The Gentleman Freak is an all in one entertainment package bringing acts from a bygone era and twisting them for the modern times. From sword swallowing to escapology, The Gentleman Freak can engage with his audience and immerse them into his world, with his humour and wit, this sword swallower will make even the most dangerous of acts watchable, even if it’s through your fingers! From festivals, burlesque clubs, corporate conventions, parties and weddings, Sword Swallower – The Gentleman Freak can entertain all ages and group sizes.

Acts include
Sword swallowing – Various swords are swallowed with some audience participation.
Mouse Trap of Doom – Witness a man inserting objects into his face including power drills, nails and mousetraps on tongues. (Audience participation)
Shaken but not stirred- Mr Bones own cocktail recipe which, ends with a cocktail shaker being swung from his eyelids and then shot out of his nose!!
Escape – 20ft of chain and a straitjacket escape (Audience participation)
Whip Cracking with targets

Sword Swallower – The Gentleman Freak : Videos | Testimonials | Previous Clients | Book for your event

Entertainment for all ages and venue sizes

The Gentleman Freak performs death defying feats of wonder

Has performed at sideshow tents & burlesque clubs in Europe

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Here’s what Sword Swallower – The Gentleman Freak’s clients said:

“The Gentleman Freak is a fantastic performer. He is very engaging with an audience and has an impressive range of skills. If you are in need to a sideshow performer I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending The Gentleman Freak, very professional and puts on a great show! He would be an asset to any show.”
– Ice Crystal Productions

“The Gentleman Freak certainly puts the ‘pun’ in punishment. A great show that left the audience talking about it for days after!”
– Cursed, (Essex)

“I have found him an absolute joy to work with, his skills are delivered with a sense of humor that the crowds absolutely love. I also find The Gentleman Freak reliable and very hard working but above all he delivers. In my experience, the The Gentleman Freak experience is fun and memorable. The Gentleman Freak has many skills that can make him an asset on any event for multiple performances, highly recommended.”
– Wizardry Entertainments


Sword Swallower – The Gentleman Freak’s previous clients:

Tattoo teaparty
Cursed (Essex)The Steampunk Circus
Hidden Vintage Circus
Midsummer Nights Scream
Inkmas Party
Silverstone F1

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