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The crew of directors, costume and prop designers, musicians and writers produces your very own immersive theatre event. With more than a decade-long experience of imagining, devising and producing site specific performances Dream Tailors specialise in constructing participatory theatrical events for any type and scale of space. Your event will directly benefit from our long-term experimentation with audience engagement methods and techniques which turn the audience into an active and integral part of the performance.

They will turn your warehouse, pedestrian street, pub or restaurant into a thrilling performance space full of surprises. You will be able to choose an existing work from our catalogue to be adjusted to and performed in your space, or to commission a completely new one to match your vision and individualised content. They will learn from you about your specific audience, their unique characteristics and preferences and will adjust the atmosphere, design and content of the commissioned event accordingly.

Their versatile ensemble is trained in a myriad of performance skills ranging from physical acting, dance, acrobatics, puppeteering, acapella singing, jangling, breakdance and more. They have developed a unique aesthetic language and method for producing highly impressive costumes and sets economically, efficiently and environmentally.

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