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Multi-character Fortune Teller

Simret is London’s most spectacular fortune teller. Her exuberant, glamorous and beautiful costumes and exotic make-up means that she is a distinctive and memorable for guest at any show or party. The moment Simret walks into an event, heads turn. Her unique visual look is matched by her uncanny psychic abilities. Simret’s talents include tarot readings, crystal ball scrying and palmistry.

Simret walks around the event space interacting with guests and giving psychic readings. These readings can be one-on-one, couples or small groups. The readings are fun and a little spooky. Simret will tell guests information about themselves, their past and their futures that will give them plenty to talk about and remember. Charismatic, engaging and fun, Simret is an outstanding addition to any event.

In an alternative scenario, Simret can be seated at a table, or in a ‘hidden room,’ and guests visit her during the event. In the privacy of this impromptu fortune telling booth, Simret can give clients a more private reading. Simret has worked her psychic magic in every possible location from private parties and restaurants to music events and fetish clubs.

Themed Events
Simret has a wide variety of costume and make-up. She can customise her look for any concept, theme or event. She has performed as the Traditional Gypsy Fortune Teller, Occult Pagan, Witch, Zombie, Mortician Addams and Fetish Fortune Teller. Just describe the theme of your event and Simret will do the rest. There is a different costume and make-up for every theme. Simret can create something spectacular and exclusive just for you.

Fetish Gore Show
This Voodoo-Witch inspired show is gruesome and gory. It features an erotic ritualistic dance of death with blood, knife through arm illusion and a decapitated head. It’s not for the faint hearted. But this is a wonderful and original show suitable for Halloween, Horror Nights, Fetish Nights and Cutting-Edge Arts Events. This is an incredibly dramatic and visual show melding beauty and the ghoulish in the most spectacular fashion. As the saying goes, ‘You’ve not seen anything like it before.’

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Versatile performer who can adapt her look to your theme.

Engages audiences with her storytelling & psychic abilities.

The perfect mix between gore and beauty.

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Here’s what Multi-character Fortune Teller: Simret’s clients said:

‘Simret is a well organised, creative, punctual and inimitable woman whose performances continue to impress audiences around the world with her fearless and impassioned prowess.’
– Sammm Agnew, Make-Up Designer/Artist

‘Thank you, Simret you always cast an interesting, spooky light over any social gathering – at Halloween or all year round.’
– Kim Newman, Horror Author

‘Your work at our Freak Show event was first class. And delightfully scary!’
– Estelle Riviere, Artist


Multi-character Fortune Teller: Simret’s previous clients:

Torture Garden Productions Ltd
Third Mind Productions
Atom Events
Sammm Agnew Ltd
Shash Media
High Fly Ltd
Monster Lune

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